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Aesthetic Dental for the Elderly, Improve Your Life

Aesthetic Dental for the Elderly, Improve Your Life

Are you at a stage in your life where you’re missing your confidence over the loss of a tooth? Are you an elderly who has a lot of teeth missing and often in the linear order? If so, there are solutions available for your oral needs. This article highlights the consequences of tooth loss and how you can find viable solutions to accommodate for better oral health.

Many people in their early fifty or sixty years of age start losing teeth, both frontal and molars, and many would subsequently accept the idea of not doing something about it.

Why is it important to take care of your health at this age?

Elderly individuals are more susceptible to illnesses and oral diseases. Since oral health is linked to other health issues across the body, it is pertinent to maintain proper oral care at this age. Treating oral issues such as gum disease, dental implants and bridges, can help the elderly gain their aesthetic confidence back and maintain overall health optimal.

The Misconception

In fact, many senior citizens have already thought about this. However, there may be some misconceptions about how a procedure like gum disease or dental implants can be treated. Similarly, there may be misconceptions about the level of pain associated with an implant procedure or even gum disease treatment.

In general, gum disease can be treated with laser dentistry which is a painless procedure or carries little discomfort. Dental implants itself can be done with new dental technology that minimizes any pain or discomfort as well. Even a dental crown can be created in an hour with today’s CEREC technology. Which is why dentistry has changes drastically in the new millennium compared to conventional methods.

Even the cost of these procedures, while they range from low to high’s, can be reduced. The proper dentist can provide you with payment options. Some dentist have either a collection of payment plans or treatment packages that can be paid over time to mitigate initial dental expenses.

Aesthetic Dental for the Elderly, Improve Your Life

Dental implants revolutionized

Dental implants were a painful, hefty, inconvenient and a costly process but that has since changed. With today’s technology, the whole process is extremely revolutionized to increase efficiency and decrease cost where possible. New technologies allows you to reap the benefits of dental implant procedures that are eco-friendly, less costly and convenient. Dental implants now help to minimize the risk of deteriorating jaw bone, increases the rate of healing of the bone as it fuses to the titanium implant, and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Types of dental solutions

Following are the types of dental solutions available that you can explore today.

  • Conventional dental implants
    • Dental implants in conjunction with dental crowns created by the CEREC milling machine will create an almost replica of your previous tooth and with the proper skills, your dentist can texturize it with color to look just like the rest of the teeth you currently have..
  • Dental crowns
    • Crowns are largely used when the molar is fractured, when your tooth is decaying fast or when the old one’s filling is no longer viable. This is also known as the cap that is placed on the remaining portion of the tooth that will get filed down to make room for the tight fit of the crown.
  • Dental bridges
    • When you’re looking for an alternative to costly dental implants, bridges are a sure way to go. A dental bridge is used after the dentist has filed down the two teeth next to the missing one. This allows a 3-section cover to be fitted and extends from the far-left tooth that was filed to the far right. Essentially creating a bridge from tooth to tooth while covering the middle missing cavity.

Talk to your local dentist and ask about their available options and payment plans. You can also take a look at Care Credit to cover the expenses while you make monthly payments.

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