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Late Night with the Devil Gets First Trailer and Release Date

In the world of entertainment, excitement frequently peaks when the release date of a highly anticipated program is finally revealed. One such interesting title that has had spectators on the edge of their seats is “Late Night with the Devil.” After months of speculation and keen expectation, the streaming release date has finally been disclosed, sending tremors of excitement across the entertainment industry. In this research, we will evaluate the reasons for the show’s hype, the announcement’s importance, and how it may affect the streaming industry.

Cameron and Colin Cairnes wrote and directed the movie “Late Night with the Devil.” This movie portrays, in detail, a 1977 live television broadcast that turned sour. The mistake led to the nation’s households being flooded with evil. David Dastmalchian plays the lead, Jack Delroy, who hosts a late-night talk show!

On board, we’ve got the likes of a medium (Fayssal Bazzi), a skeptical, helpful person with amazing chops in hypnotism (Ian Bliss). Furthermore, a psychological therapist (Laura Gordon) has a close connection with a young girl (I can’t even) (Ingrid Torelli) who just keeps coming in and, out of possession.

This whole setup was for a special Halloween show! Ratings had been on the decline, and the whole thing was nothing but a desperate move to boost up. Mister Delroy tried to, he did; he attempted communication with the devil himself. But, crazy stuff started happening out of nowhere, and terror ensued, and no soul was ever prepared for it.

The viewers, the talk show host, the producer, the show guests, and just about everyone—the horror went down their spines and didn’t show any mercy. It was kind of like they had never seen a ballpark with the lights out in the middle of the night. Unnerving, to say the least.

Late Night with the Devil Streaming Release Date Confirmed After Breaking Box Office Record

Late Night with the Devil Streaming Release Date Confirmed After Breaking Box Office Record

“Late Night with the Devil” has finally confirmed the streaming release date after breaking one spectacular box office record. In theatres on the 22nd of March, a horror film of found footage; involving the make-believe late-night talkie host from the 1970s! Invitin’ a girl seeming possessed on his show as a special Halloween version; a plan devised to rocket the ratings. Along with Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, Fayssal Bazzi, Ingrid Torelli, Rhys Auteri, Georgina Haig, and, you know, Josh Quong Tart, David Dastmalchian is in charge of Late Night with the Devil.

Now that it’s less than a week after breaking a box office record, they have confirmed the horror film’s streaming release date. As per the details gathered by, Bloody Disgusting, Late Night with the Devil will stream on Shudder starting on April 19, which is less than a month after its theatrical release! It is streamed solely on Shudder; it ain’t available anywhere else.

Late Night with the Devil Cast and Character Guide

“Late Night with the Devil” has an ensemble cast of brilliant performers, each bringing their own distinct style to the screen. The talented David Dastmalchian plays Jack Delroy in the lead role. Dastmalchian’s depiction of Delroy, a charming and enigmatic late-night presenter, lends depth and complexity to the character while also engaging spectators with his magnetic presence.

Laura Gordon, who plays Dr. June Ross-Mitchell opposite Dastmalchian, delivers a nuanced performance as a psychiatrist that adds levels of complexity to the storyline. Ian Bliss brings an air of mystery and enigma to the role of Carmichael the Conjurer. As the enigmatic Lilly, whose true intentions are far from clear, Ingrid Torelli gives a remarkable performance.

Rhys Auteri’s portrayal of Gus McConnell adds a dash of humor and incisiveness to the otherwise somber plot, while a plethora of other gifted performers bring the many characters to life in “Late Night with the Devil.” This remarkable ensemble delivers depth, complexity, and authenticity to the screen, guaranteeing that spectators have a riveting and lasting experience.

Late Night with the Devil (Exclusive Trailer)

The trailer has exhibited characters in the middle of the story, unfolding their chances—you know, motivations—to bring this bit of risky summoning into the air, right? Not just this! It also comprises felicitations from King, who states that the movie was, something like “superbly amazing” and, “I couldn’t remove my eyes from it.” Random chickens crossing the road are so intriguing! The movie is all about summoning, yet rain also falls from the sky! They are so wet and nice, aren’t they? But wait, isn’t dry rain a fascinating contradiction, a riddle wrapped up in an enigma?

For Late Night with the Devil, the trailer gives, like, a sneak peek at the movie’s eerily old-fashioned ambiance. The upcoming horror thingy, from the guys who are known as legendary author Stephen King, said good things about it. So Cameron and Colin Cairnes put their heads together, wrote it, and directed it too.

Big Man David Dastmalchian is starring as Jack Delroy, a television talk show host, back in the 1970s, right? He tried to get up close! And personal! With the devil on live tee-vee, as per, um, doomed footage-style format, it looks like. Shockingly, an event took a bad turn. Don’t you think that’s the scary part?

Yet ‘Late Night with the Devil’ seems to transfer us to that old era. The ambiance, attire, dialogues—everything seemed to revive the seventies in our minds. Again, exceptional acting by Mr. Dastmalchian delivered as a talk show host, as it used to be those days. Jack, a bold character, did what no one before ever dared—undefined interaction converging with the devil—surely not a task for the faint-hearted.

What’s more interesting is that for the first time in the history of the audio-visual medium, we are witnessing something in a doomed footage-style format. Isn’t this raising the mystery quotient to a whole new level? So this thing is literally, going to be present in the past in front of your own eyes. Is it not the old days’ charm?

When is Late Night with the Devil coming out?

“Late Night with the Devil” is set to premiere in theaters on March 22, 2024. After its theatrical release, you can catch it on Shudder starting on April 19, 2024. This gruesome horror-thriller, which Colin Cairnes and Cameron Cairnes directed, transports us to a late-night talk show from the 1970s that goes to hell and lets evil loose in the nation’s living rooms. Starring David Dastmalchian, Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, and more, it promises a chilling and original approach to demonic possession horror.

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