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Kubo Lis, the lens behind Miami Lifestyle

Kubo lis has introduced himself beautifully and also described the fashion sense, style, and photography uniquely. Kubo is doing online business and e-commerce. He is also a marketer and a mentor. He is a well-known photographer on Instagram. Before the time he started his career as a photographer, his father had done some journalism as well as travel photography. He fell in love with photography and music from his childhood. He said that in his childhood, he captured the photos of many artists and musicians in the live show.

Kubo Lis

Kubo’s mother has always been into the field of fashion and design, although he hadn’t been active in any of these areas. He always saw her following all the current trends at that time. When he started taking interest in fashion and photography, these things caught his attention, and he recognized that it had always been in his genes.

Kubo Lis

When you find yourself creating content for luxury brands, you learn to master your art and style very quickly because you just have to follow. There are certain possibilities in life that you cannot give up, no matter what. If you’re having trouble making your photos look good, keep working on them until they look good. When he was a beginner in this field, he didn’t know much about it. Fortunately, he worked with luxury brands that made a good impact on his style sense. He loves photographing in very interesting, quirky, and artistic spaces, but photographing cars, fashion, and people are always his favorite.

Kubo Lis newscase

Kubo’s recent project holds a special place in his heart. He has done a photoshoot of his childhood idols, Danny Worsnop, lead singer of Asking Alexandria. He was a huge fan of him and working with him is like a dream come true. He visited downtown Miami and the art district of the city, Wynwood, and took some cute photos with Dany in interesting landscapes and places, talked about photography, watched him work a little, and saw his style. However, there are still countless things he wants to learn. He loves to take on challenges in life. No matter what the project, whether it’s on the water, outdoors in sunny Miami with cars, nightclubs, festivals, a newbie model on Instagram, or a famous artist, he always strives to do the best in everything. His best traits are discipline, planning, and good communication.

Kubo Lis newscase photography

Kubo lis always performs his best and gets successful in every project. Kubo is a well-known photographer and is popular because of his passion for work. People knew him from the nickname Jacob. He is always up to date on his photography and fashion industry. He always tags posts of his photography, design, and style on social media. Beyond all these things, he also spends his time with his family. He takes many adventures in his life that you can watch on his Instagram.

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