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Fashion Trends in Mangalsutra Jewellery

A married women’s go-to style is undoubtedly a mangalsutra jewellery, what was once a traditional adornment became a fashion statement. There are several ways of mangalsutra adornments that have cropped up lately. Each of these gold mangalsutra designs keeps the sacredness intact, they differ in the way a woman adorns them. What more can you ask for if a simple black bead Jewellery can be styled differently every time you want and with every attire.

The millennial woman always wants to keep their Jewellery simple and subtle, at the same time stay rooted to tradition too. Their take on Jewellery coupled with tradition is what Jewellery designers work on.

A classic example of this revolutionary designer Jewellery is the various ways black beads can be adorned. What was once a traditional black beads chain is now transformed into a black bead ring or a pure blissful black bead bracelet. Bringing in the chic aspect to design along with making it a sacred adornment is what Jewellery designers did.

Here is some mangalsutra Jewellery to get you acquainted with:

Diamond Mangalsutras:

Synonyms to being forever diamond mangalsutras top our list of selection, the intense charm of diamond coupled with the black beads remain to be an eternal beauty. Mangalsutras with diamond pendants is not simply an accessory for women but a sentiment they carry. Hence diamond mangalsutras jewellery are a must-have for their unending charm.

Black Bead earrings:

Black bead earrings made a comeback from the past simply ascertaining their dominance irrespective of any latest designer Jewellery. Black bead earrings come in different models- from black bead Jhumkis to black bead hangings, black bead studs to drops, the styles can be many.  These gold earrings price vary with weight and design. Though limited in design, the weight plays a major role in deciding the overall price of the earrings.

Black Bead earrings Mangalsutra Jewellery

Black bead Bracelet:

What was once exclusively used to adorn the newborn hands to keep negative energy at bay has now become a style that all modern women wish to flaunt. A mangalsutra bracelet with a centre charm either gold or diamond is an ideal way to indulge in something precious, quirky yet ritualistic.

Black beads Ring:

Can there be anything trendy and traditional at the same time? Yes here is the black bead ring- An instant charmer, the black bead ring is quite modish. If you are someone who wants your Jewellery to speak then the black bead ring is a numero uno option. Black bead rings are exceptionally signature. They are the latest entrant in the mangalsutra Jewellery category.  Beautiful, gleaming, and all things magical- the black bead rings have a style of their own.

It goes well with office wear and traditional wear too, formal meetings or traditional temple visits, poolside party or neighbours pooja invite- a black bead ring would be perfect on every attire, and occasion.

Black bead Bangles:

Not a new entrant yet you can find stunning styles in black bead bangles. Single bangles populated with design or thin black bead bangles that you can couple with regular gold bangles- both the ways black bead bangles are a great way to accessorize.

Black bead Jewellery irrespective of any item, carry a sentiment along with them. Let this sentiment only settle for something stunning, recreating various black bead Jewellery is fun, bold, and offbeat- something we recommend each one you to try and experience.

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