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Knowing the Best Early Childhood Program for Your Child

A good educational program at an early age is a good foundation for a child. So take advantage of the opportunity to grow children’s learning skills and discover their academic capabilities through early childhood education programs. According to studies, educating your children at an early age gives greater benefit to prepare them for a more complex learning level in the future.

What Should Parents Do?

Parents should take time to assess their children at home about their interest in learning. For example, the child can be fond of playing with the toy wood puzzle and enjoys completing it every time. With that small engagement to manipulative materials for children, the parents must be observant of how their children respond to playing the puzzle and how they complete it. Parents can take note of it and categorize it based on the observed interest of the child at home.

Before enrolling the child in any early childhood education programs, the parents should know better what kind of approach would be suited to their child. They can discuss it with the teacher in an early childhood learning center, so it will be easier to find a well-suited program according to the child’s age.

How Does The Early Learning Centre Prepare The Program For The Child?

The early learning center usually offers the parents a trial class for their child. A trial class means the child who plans to be enrolled in the center will attend the class for an hour. The teacher will observe within an hour how the child reacts to the learning materials, interact with other children, and approach the activities given. The educational program recommended for the child is based on the observed performance and interest shown within the trial class period.

The age of the child is also a factor in choosing the educational program. It is to make sure that the children are given not so easy or too difficult programs for them. The program must also suit their ability according to age. However, there are cases that some children are gifted. For example, a child at three years old can already identify all letter symbols. The teacher can create an individualized lesson for the language part and assess how the child can go further. It may be crucial to give acceleration to gifted children right away. Remember, the assessment should be a holistic approach. It must cover the physical, mental/academics, and social level of the child. If one category is only advanced, then the teacher will only modify the particular lessons.

The educational programs for early childhood come in different skills to master in preparation for the next level academics:

  • Adaptive Mathematics

In this program, children at an early age can acquire knowledge of numeracy through daily activities. It presents the concept of mathematics to children like a puzzle or a problem to solve together.

  • Photographic Memory

In this program, the child will learn to memorize the image of letter symbols (for language), animals/plants (for science), and people (community work) through different activities.

  • Speed Reading

This program trains the child to master the wave of speed reading. They will excel in other abilities as well, like creativity and language learning.


The success of a child’s learning progress will need hands-on support from the parents and teachers cooperation. Therefore, the early education program is only a guide manual in helping the children accelerate learning.

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