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How the New U.S. President may Handle COVID-19 and Revive the U.S. Economy

America’s 46th President

Joe Biden is all set to become the 46th President of the United States of America, come January 2021. Defeating Donald Trump, the soon-to-be ex-President, he has fought an election that proved to be divisive and bitter. He will make his entry into the lofty portal of the White House, in the midst of a country in which a deadly pandemic rages on. COVID-19 has been trying to test citizens of the US and more so, it’s going to test its new President even more.

In the next four years, President Biden will have to face unprecedented challenges. One, a divided country and government, two, the coronavirus, and three, the redemption of the US economy. No President, to date, has had these impending confrontations to go through upon entering office. His investment in the country will have to be morally and materially effective to combat these nemeses. Joe Biden looks like a safe pair of hands for the US economy

The Biden-Harris Plan

In his own words, and his implied statements, President Biden knows that the first thing on his agenda is to get rid of the virus, that is, to control its rampant spread. Both he and his to-be VP, Kamala Harris, know full well that there are around 12 million Americans or more out of work today. This state of affairs is largely due to the crisis brought on by the pandemic itself, and the failure of Trump’s government to respond to it adequately. Trump’s government had left the management of the crisis in the hands of local bodies and state governments, refusing federal support. Biden’s plan is to take the reins and mete out support to the worst-affected areas as he feels this crisis is in dire need of a national response from Washington. Why Joe Biden’s presidency could be a good thing for the American economy

An Effective Goal

Biden’s primary goal, as the next President of the world’s most powerful nation, is to empower the people of his country to fight the virus. Closer to the release of a possible vaccine candidate with proven efficacy, Biden is confident enough that an investment in America’s economy will raise the country’s economic and moral self-esteem. Reopening the nation more effectively requires that the government ensures the safety of employees and restores confidence in consumers. This is in stark contrast with the previous regime that clearly put up an “Open for business” sign. It then had to deal with the staggering reality that followed. The US was soon reeling under a disease that was out of control.

Financial Support

Biden is determined to support start-ups and small businesses, and open America to the world again. He has all members of the community in mind and would like seniors to be active participants in the country’s revival. He would like to give parents the push they need and encourage them to get back to work. Once in the White House, Biden plans to encourage a well-paying job creation docket and put it into action as soon as possible. Working from the ground up and creating financial stimulus packages for all those Americans who need it most, Biden will forge ahead.

Guarantees of Assistance in COVID-19 Times

As much as Trump downplayed the virus and its effects, Biden doesn’t. He knows it’s a reality that isn’t going away any time soon. Yet, his government will have sensible and doable goals, the most important of which is to have a national mandate for mask-wearing. Biden’s government will guarantee an investment, not only in fighting the virus but in making America truly great again by simultaneously propping it up on the path of recovery. Here’s what he plans to do:

  • See that Personal Protective Gear and Equipment is provided to every employee going back to work. The federal government will also test employees for the virus, with results being available rapidly.
  • Unions of workers will be assured of having a say in the opening of companies. The businesses and concerns will be addressed.
  • See that all employees who become ill with the virus get paid leave. Until; they recover and quarantine too.
  • Paid leave will also be provided to employees caring for family members who are sick with the virus.
  • See that stringent fines impose on large and small corporations. These corporates do not abide by rules of safety and expose employees to the virus.
  • Create a contact tracing body at the national level.
  • Protect high-risk groups, like older people, those with disabilities, etc, so that employers customize work arrangements accordingly.

Achievement of Economic Goals

The new US President will focus on encouraging small businesses to start once more. Larger corporations aren’t taking such a big hit, yet Trump supported those. Biden realizes that the small businessman is at the heart of America. Biden plans to help minority business owners bear their burdens and strengthen their businesses. Offering an ambitious business plan that puts investment in the employee. Biden wants schools to restart so parents can return to work. This involves supporting schools and ensuring safety standards and aiding low-income and minority populations of America. He hopes to end the racial backlash that the previous government has driven into the minds of Americans. Concentrating on grassroots, Biden holds the view that America will grow from strength to strength in the future.

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