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Jena Malone Is Haunted by Evil Nuns in ‘Consecration’ Trailer

The film, in which Danny Huston again appears, is scheduled to hit cinemas on February 10, 2023.

The battle between good and evil, light and darkness, the morally upstanding, and the wicked is a major subject in religiously inspired horror. The new Consecration film is a perfect example of the aforementioned concept, which depicts a plunge into a realm of darkness.

In the first scene of the trailer, a young lady named Grace learns that her brother has passed away. She doesn’t want to believe the tale she’s being given about what happened to her brother, so she goes to Scotland to find out the truth for herself.

The young lady is confronted with nothing but untruths at every turn and from every person, she speaks to, despite the fact that both the convent and the Scottish countryside exude an air of calm and tranquility. These qualities, however, are only veils for deceit.

While she is there, she observes peculiar attitudes, almost akin to that of a child, on the part of one of the nuns (the nun in question is constantly popping up and saying “Peekaboo!”), as well as the uptightness of both the head priest and the Mother Superior, who don’t appear to be all that eager to assist Grace in determining what took place.

Grace observes certain peculiar rituals, such as the nuns going around in a circle while walking backward. The rituals seem to go beyond the customary rituals of meditation and prayer in silence, and they add to an atmosphere that is already gloomy and ominous.

The trailer begins with the brightness of the good and the pious, then transitions to the darkness and evil that is hiding in the convent, and then returns to the brightness. It’s possible that this is a sign of the path that Grace will follow to find out the truth.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the film’s director, Christopher Smith, said that the reason he was motivated to produce this movie was due to his interest in what he considers to be the oddity of religion in general, regardless of the specific faith.

“I’m never more terrified than when I walk into a church or a temple,” Smith said, adding, “I recently walked into a synagogue and found the environment to be so electrically charged.” When I’m in an old home, I don’t get that feeling.

I wanted to produce a film about religion, but I wanted to take the subject matter very seriously.” The trailer for Consecration does an excellent job of depicting his goals.

Consecration, which was released by IFC Midnight, dives more into Grace’s narrative as she fights murder, desecration, and the revelation of the truth about her history. Jena Malone, Danny Huston, Thoren Ferguson, Will Keen, and Janet Suzman are among the actors who feature in this movie.

In addition to their roles as producers, Laurie Cook, Casey Herbert, Xavier Marchand, and Jason Newmark each contributed to the writing of the screenplay, which cook was co-written by Smith.

The release date for Consecration in cinemas is set for February 10, 2023, while the date of its video-on-demand debut is March 3. Take a look at the eerie and unsettling poster down below, as well as the trailer:

Consecration – Official Trailer

YouTube video
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