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How to Set Up a Funeral Live Stream

How to Set Up a Funeral Live Stream

How to set up a Facebook Live Funeral

One of the easiest ways to keep a funeral going is through Facebook. All parties to the funeral must have a Facebook account.

Facebook is also a great option if you want to make the series available to the general public. You can easily control privacy settings on the go.

Direct streaming via Facebook can be as simple or complex as you like. Professional news organizations use more than one camera and microphone. Non-professionals can only stream using cell phones. We will discuss cell phone methodology for this article.

  1. Log in to the appropriate Facebook account

When you share that you want your loved one’s    Funeral live streaming services

to go live, you should also share whose account you will use. Make sure the filmmaker is logged in to the appropriate account.

Pro Tip: Make sure both the sender and the recipient are Facebook friends. As mentioned, you can allow anyone to access your live feed if you choose.

  1. Click “Direct”

When you log in to Facebook on your cell phone, you will see three options listed under “What’s in your mind”? The options are “live,” “photo,” and “check-in.”

Click the “Direct” button.

Pro Tip: Once you choose to stay live, you’ll need to give Facebook access to your phone’s microphone.

  1. Determine who has access to the live stream

Who do you want to access your video? Do you want all your Facebook friends to see that you are performing the last rites? Do you want to stream to a specific group of people? They choose.

You will also be able to write event details and show the location of the event.

Pro Tip: It would be a good idea to limit access to the event. A casual scroller will not find it easy to run to a funeral. Also, criminals are known to target the homes of people they know will attend the funeral of a loved one.

How to set up a live stream via Skype

Looking for another easy way to keep a funeral going? Use Skype.

Skype specifically allows you to choose which stream you want to access. Only the people you call will receive the video feed you send.

  1. Make sure all parties involved have a Skype account and can log in.

Don’t wait until the funeral starts. Make sure you remember your Skype password. Funeral prayers are often an atmosphere of high tension. Don’t over-stress the password at the last minute.

Pro Tip: If the receiving party is not tech-savvy, make sure they have help from the other end.

  1. Go to the “Contacts” tab at the bottom of the Skype homepage

Find the person (or people) who attended the virtual funeral. You can select multiple participants in one call.

Pro Tip: Up to 50 people can go on the same call.

  1. Select the Video button

Once you have selected who will receive the call, select the Video button.

Pro Tip: The video button looks like a movie camera. It is a rectangle with a small triangle.

  1. Make sure you select the appropriate settings

When you initially make your call via Skype, you want to talk to the recipients immediately to make sure they’re there.

Pro Tip: Make sure you turn off the microphone of the people receiving the call. You do not want the last rites to be interrupted by the voices of those who follow the service over the phone.

However, if your loved one has chosen to celebrate a life party for your last loved one, this consideration may not be necessary.

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