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How to score 90% using NCERT solutions for class 8 Maths?

Learning mathematics need not be overwhelming if you understand and practice the concepts properly. Mathematics is a scoring subject and needs more attention to excel in them. Students may worry about how to score above 90% in maths class 8, but when you work hard for it, you will definitely achieve it. Maths can be a complex subject to handle, but with the right guidance, you can secure a perfect score. Students can take help from the ncert solutions for class 8 maths to fulfil their dream of scoring 90% in the exam because it is one of the best resourceful materials one can make use of effectively. Here are some of the tips to pass your exams in flying colours with the help of the NCERT solutions.

NCERT for scheduling

Students can make use of these NCERT solutions to prepare their timetables. Plan the timings and the chapters you want to study on a piece of paper or in excel using a computer. In this way, it helps you learn according to the timetable and focus on the chapters that need more attention. Planning ahead is always a wise decision to make so that you will get an idea of how to approach each chapter and prioritize learning them accordingly. It is important for the students to find out the strengths and difficulties they face in each chapter. By doing this, students will be able to plan the timetable and allot extra time to the chapter that needs more care. The NCERT solutions are provided for each chapter. Planning a schedule for each chapter will help students get well-versed in all the concepts and stay focused.

NCERT for understanding the topics

The key aspect of scoring above 90% in the exam is understanding the concepts. The concepts given in Maths form the basic foundation for the students of class 8. This will help them a lot in the future. So it is very important to understand all the concepts. Since Maths is all about calculating problems and solving them, understanding plays a significant role in scoring marks. If the students think that they can mug up the concepts without understanding will reward them with high marks, then it is just an illusion. Because in maths mugging up the topics will never help the students in anything. To help the students struggling to understand the concepts, the NCERT board has made it very simple and easy with step by step solutions for each problem. If you have any trouble comprehending the concepts, the best guidance would be the NCERT solutions.

NCERT for expert’s guidance

The NCERT solutions are designed with utmost care keeping the students in mind. The NCERT solutions are the first reference material that even the CBSE board approves of. Because most often the private CBSE schools wouldn’t recommend any other reference material as referring too much study materials can be a total waste of time and be a big burden to the students. The NCERT solutions strictly follow the CBSE curriculum, so that students or the teachers need not be afraid of these solutions causing any kind of confusion to the students. The main reason they prescribe the NCERT solutions is because they use the help of subject experts and professionals to help them design the solutions. These excellent faculty members craft the solution in a very simplified manner for the benefit of the students. With stepwise step explanations, the difficult topics are turned into easy, simple and comprehensible concepts. Students with the help of NCERT solve as many problems as they want and get well-versed in each chapter with the help of an expert’s guidance.

NCERT for full freedom of space

Most of the students feel anxious and stressed with the exams approaching. They will definitely feel pressured when there is someone constantly telling them what to study and when to study. But with the help of the NCERT solutions in hand,  students will never have to be afraid of any kind of time constraints. They can learn and practice whenever they want in their own time. This freedom of space will definitely make the students feel less stressed about their exams and will work hard on their own desirable time to ace their exams.

NCERT for constant practice

Practice is the only key to success in any field. The more you practice and give importance to maths, the more rewarding it will be when it comes to results. Excelling in Maths requires constant and effective practice. Students can make use of the NCERT solutions to practice as many problems as they want. The solutions are filled with questions and answers created by the experts to help the students understand and get thorough in all the concepts and formulae. Even after mastering certain concepts, students are advised to come back to these problems and practice on a regular basis. Practicing can be tiresome and create boredom for the students. However, at the end of the day, it makes you gain more and more knowledge in each chapter. The results of this constant practice will be reflected in the scores you get in the final exams.

NCERT for self-assessment

Just learning the concepts is not enough when you want to score 90% in the final exam, you need to test yourself with the help of sample question papers provided in the NCERT solutions. The problems designed in the solutions are labeled with three levels of questions. They are easy, moderate, and difficult questions. The students can solve these questions to get well-versed in the concepts. Students can use the sample question paper to write a mock test and evaluate the answers. In this way, students can find out where they went wrong and rectify them. By testing themselves with a mock test will allow the students to understand the importance of time management. They will organize each of their answers according to the limited time they provide in the exams. So, using the NCERT solution for self-assessment is one the best ideas students can use to gain more marks in the examination.

NCERT to clarify the doubts

The ideal way of studying maths is by giving importance to reference materials like NCERT solutions as they clear all the doubts that students suffer from when they learn a particular concept. Since the problems are solved by the experts in a step by step manner in an easy way, it will automatically clear all the doubts the students might have. When there is no doubt, that means you completely understand the topic and are very much capable of facing the question paper even if the questions are twisted. Once you clear all your doubts, you also clear all your stress and fear. That gives you the confidence to secure a perfect score in the exam.

With the number of benefits the NCERT solutions provide to the students in the comfort of the home, the NCERT solutions will help the students score exceptionally well in their finals. Students of class 8 need not stress themselves worrying about scoring above 90% in Maths, as long as they have the NCERT solutions to guide them, they will definitely ace their exams. All the best!

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