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How to Scan a QR Code Using Your Android Phone

With the peak of digitalization, tools used for relaying information such as QR codes also increased in demand.

A best free QR code generator online allows people to access files from any type of device. Two of the biggest mobile operating systems. Android and iOS make it easier for their users to scan QR codes straight from their cameras.

However, some people may still have a hard time navigating how to scan a QR code on their Android phones.

There’s no need to feel bad about it though, here are the steps on how to scan a QR code for Android users.

How to scan a QR code using your Android Phone

The Android community is divided into two: Samsung and other Android communities.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, here are three easy QR code scanning steps you can apply.

  1. Open your built-in camera app
  2. Direct the camera to the QR code and wait for it to be detected. A QR code pop-up will appear.
  3. Tap the show options button and choose between the following options. 

For other Android users, here are the steps in scanning a QR code.

  1. Scroll down to your quick setting gesture. 
  2. Select the scanner icon and switch to scan the QR code. 
  3. Direct the camera to the QR code and wait for it to be detected. 
  4. Choose the pop-up notification and open its content. 

Where can you safely scan a QR code?

Now that you know how to scan a QR code using your Android phone, knowing where you can safely scan one is essential to avoid getting your information stolen.

Here are the following areas where you can try to scan a QR code using your Android device.


To embrace modernization, many restaurants use QR codes to direct diners to their digital menu (interactive or static) or accept digital payments.

These establishments are closely regulated to ensure that the seats and materials attached to their tables and counters are clean.

In addition, customers can be sure that the QR codes they placed in the area are secured and not tampered with.


Malls are using QR codes to share establishment rules and announcements. They also promote items that are on sale and let interested customers scan one and view the items they showcase.

With most of the catalogs being saved in PDF format, malls are using a PDF QR code for their sale posters, to add to the anticipation of holiday sales and other promotions.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores are using QR codes for a seamless mobile payments experience. Some stores even allow self-check-out, and they make it easier for customers to just scan and pay.

Since they focus on gaining profit from digital payments, you can ensure that the QR code you scan to pay is secured.

Marketing materials from legitimate brands

Curious about the QR code marketing campaigns of known brands today? You can use your smartphone and scan the QR code attached to the marketing poster.

If you see a QR code that is being designed uniquely, that code is generated using a QR code generator with logo software. This is so customers would see that the QR code campaign is legitimate and trustworthy.

Nowadays, QR codes are widely used to relay information or simplify some tasks in a contactless manner.

By following the steps on how to scan one on an Android device, unlocking new information using QR codes can be made more accessible.

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