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How To Reset A MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is a great invention of technology. You can perform pretty important tasks. But sometimes, we experience various conditions while using our MacBook pro, which leads us to reset it. Either if your MacBook Pro is taking a bit long to tooth in or you want to sell it, a factory reset is what could bring you to ease. This article summarizes all the relevant and easy approach of how to reset MacBook Pro.


With the entry of technology into our life, we have been facing some good benefits. As a MacBook user, you can experience a lot of benefits. But sometimes, to solve a certain problem, such as Mac prohibitory symbol, a factory reset MacBook Pro is a great option. Many users could not be able to perform the task without getting into much complexity. It is understandable. Now you can be your tech expert using our mentioned simple method. There are various ways to reset your MacBook, but how to set mac without losing data? Well, you can easily get past it by following this article.

Important Step Before Going to reset

Want to reset your mac without losing data? You must go through certain steps before starting with how to factory reset MacBook Pro. By following these small actions, you would not lose any of your data, including photos, apps or other files, when you move from one MacBook to other.

  • Backup your MacBook

A backup always saves us from a lot of future complexities and irritation. You can get back to your important files whenever you want with backup. A factory reset of MacBook Pro can lead you to lose your data. Make sure to have a backup of your valuable files before going to reset your mac Pro. You can manually make a backup by copy-pasting your files and folder or can go with Time Machine. Here’s how you can create a backup on your MacBook.

  • Open Apple Menu > System Preferences.
  • Go for Time Machine.
  • Tap the Backup Disk button.
  • Select backup location or drive > Use Disk.
  • Press Backup Automatically.
  • The backup will be completed.
  • Sign out of your Apple Accounts

This is a very crucial step. Make sure you sign out from your iTunes, iMessage and iCloud account. iTunes use authorization, so if you want to sell your MacBook Pro, make sure you de-authorize your iTunes account before going to factory reset MacBook Pro. To remove all the personal information, make sure you disable your iCloud account. It is important for the protection of your data. You can sign out from your iCloud and confirm disablement. iMessage is an important in-built IOS system. Sign out from your iMessage account before finally proceeding to reset MacBook Pro.

  • Erase Touch Bar Data and Unpair Bluetooth

While going to reset your MacBook, many people get worried about losing their data privacy when the MacBook would be in access of some new owner. You can easily bypass that situation by making sure you are doing your factory reset correctly. Unpair your Bluetooth devices with system preferences before resetting your MacBook. It is also important to erase your touch bar data. You can easily do so by following simple steps;

  • Hold Command plus R key and press the Power button.
  • Go to Utilities > Terminal from the macOS utility window.
  • Type xartutil –erase-all.
  • Tap Return > Terminal > Quit terminal.
  • You are done with erasing touch bar data

How To Reset A MacBook Pro?

After getting done with the safety of your data, you are all set to go with factory reset a MacBook Pro or Air. The process is much simple, and you can easily perform the task by following simple steps.

  • Hold Command and R key from your keyboard.
  • Let go once the Apple logo pops up on the screen.
  • Select your language from the drop-down menu and press Continue.
  • Tap Disk Utility > Continue.
  • Select your hard disk named Macintosh HD from the sidebar and press Erase option.
  • Enter your ID and password as a confirmation detail.
  • And You are done
  • Reinstall Operating System

Once done with factory reset MacBook, the next step is reinstalling the operating system of MacBook for activating it again. The method is simple and takes few steps.

  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Reinstall macOS from the main menu and tap Continue.
  • Check the software agreement.
  • Select your Boot Disk > Install.
  • The installation will continue and will be completed in a few.

Mac Data Recovery

Lost your valuable data by accidental Mac reset? It could be not easy to get all of your data without getting any help from any third-party software. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is the best and reliable option for easy and quick mac data recovery. You can get back your important data in three simple steps.


MacBook offers great help in our important daily tasks. Switching to an updated version or just generally selling your old mac could become easier when you know your data is safe and could not be retrieved by any new users. Factory resting MacBook is an easy and convenient option before selling your MacBook. You can also get iBoysoft data recovery software. This software offers you great assistance as it’s easy and convenient to use while delivering the best value.

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