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How have golf spending habits changed as a result of COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic led the UK into an economic crisis. Consumer habits drastically changed, and many industry-leading businesses were forced to close their doors. The spending habits of golf hobbyists and regular golfers also changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent survey, Golfshake looked at the spending and travel habits of over 2,500 golfers. They found that a whopping 79% of golfers said the pandemic had little to no effect on their golf spending in 2020. Only 10% of golfers said they spent less on green fees and less on golf equipment.

However, the golfing industry has suffered a noticeable loss in memberships and green fees. Many individuals in the UK were out on the government’s furlough scheme throughout the pandemic. With only 80% of their normal salary, it’s no surprise that many of our spending habits changed. The last year and a half caused many of us to worry about our financial security and employment situation.

On the other hand, Golfshake’s survey found that nearly a quarter of golfers spent more than usual in 2020. 25% of participants purchased new golf clubs, and nearly half purchased new golf balls. The golfers argued that they had more disposable income to spend on golfing equipment – after restaurants, pubs, travel, and events were closed in 2020. They were able to play golf more regularly and spend more time and money on their hobbies. Fortunately, golf caters to social distancing rules and can be played in your garden at home. Investing in a new golf putter this summer could give you an extra edge over your competitors!

Furthermore, the golfing industry has seen a rise in demand for shorter games of golf. Families enjoy playing three-, six- or nine-hole courses with children. Shorter versions of golf have seen a huge surge this summer – such as mini-golf courses in bars, restaurants, and even club nights.

Although the 18 to 24 age range was ‘not even registered historically’, young adults made up 15% of all green fee purchases in June 2020. The golf industry has made a staggering comeback from the pandemic and even attracted a whole new audience.

As travel restrictions are still set in place, golf staycations are particularly popular with UK holidaymakers. UK golf resort bookings more than doubled in the summer of 2020, and we are likely to see a similar trend this summer. There has been a 119% increase in golf staycations in the UK. If you fancy a relaxed, sporty staycation, why not look into a golfing holiday? It’s the perfect break for young families, couples, and older individuals.

The golfing industry has taken on a new lease of life since the coronavirus pandemic. Enjoy a round of mini-golf with your young ones, or spend an afternoon playing an entire course with your friends.

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