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What are the wild symbols in online slots?

Wild symbols are a type of symbol which are commonly used in online slot games. It can complete pay lines for the player,

Wild Symbols

There are many slot symbols that players will encounter on the reels, one of the main symbols that a player will come across is a wild symbol. Essentially, a wild symbol is a type of symbol that can fill in for any other type of symbol. This means that they can complete a winning pay line which wouldn’t result in a winning pay line under different circumstances. Due to this power, wild symbols are often seen as one of the most fun and exciting symbols on the reels. The only symbols that the wild symbol cannot replace are free spins, scatters, and other bonus symbols.

Types of Wild Symbols

Thanks to modern technology, today’s slot games have a lot more to offer players. Wilds are now dependent on what slot game you are playing, with a huge variety of variations being used.

  1. Sticky Wilds. As the name suggests, these wilds will stick on the reels when the player makes a spin. This has the benefit of potentially leading to a big win!
  2. Expanding wilds. These types of wilds will expand as the player spins the reels, they will increase in size until they cover the entire reel, at which point they will reset in size.
  3. Shifting wilds. This type of wild will replace a symbol on the last reel and keep moving when the player hits respin. They will move over by one in any direction. This will continue until the wild has fallen off the reel at the other side.
  4. Stacked wilds. Similar to expanding wilds, stacked wilds will also fill the entire screen. However, the big difference is that this happens because these symbols are found in clusters of wilds on the same reel. Getting a stacked wild will significantly improve a player’s opportunity to win.

Where and How they Appear

The wild symbol comes in many different forms, its appearance varies from game to game.

  • There is no definitive appearance of a wild symbol, they come in a variety of different appearances which will depend on which slot game you are using. Usually, they will be connected to the theme of a slot in some way, for example, if you are playing a romance-themed slot the wilds will likely be love hearts.
  • There is also no definitive way that wilds appear on the reels, although some slots will only have wilds appear on certain reels. For instance, the wilds may only appear on reels 2 and 4 on a five-reel slot. Wilds appear at complete random so there is no point in trying to predict where they will show up next.

Final Thoughts

The wild symbol can complete pay lines for players, making them very well-liked. There is also a variety of wild symbols the player can encounter such as stacked wilds and sticky wilds.

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