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How to remove a stripped screw

Do you want to remove stripped screws whose top indents are completely bored out? Well, to remove the screw, some gadgets work more adequately than a cheap screw extractor drift. Yet, if you don’t have an extractor drift on hand, there are still many options for removing that screw. The good news is – all of these techniques use primary tools or stuff you may already have in the house or shop. But to know which one will work best, you will need to read on to the final words. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Method #1: Use Rubber Bands

Before grabbing and utilizing anything else, try this out:

  1. Place a rubber band across the stripped screw.
  2. Tightly enter the point of your screwdriver, then gently extract the hook.

If you do not have access to a band, substitute a piece of steel fiber instead. Here you can also use some of the hard rebuffs from the scouring surface of a sponge.

Method #2: Try to Drill a New Slot

Many times, drilling a tiny hole into a stripped screw could let your screwdriver dig deeper into the stuck bolt. Suppose you will try this method; ensure to utilize a drill drift created on metal, not wood. And do not pierce too far forward; the fastener head may leap off!

Method #3:  Pull with Pliers

It is time to examine the screw cap closely. If there is any light between the screw cap and the exterior to which it got fastened, pliers can help you out.

  1. Notice if you can take hold of the stripped screw with a set of fastening pliers (also called vise grips).
  2. If you could get the means to grasp a solid hold of the screw, you can turn the pliers continuously so the screw frees and drags away.

It is not the last labor-intensive option. But under reasonable conditions, it acts like magic. 

Method #4: Try a Flathead Screwdriver

Here comes another fantastic way to pull out a stripped screwdriver within instants! If your stripped screw has Phillip’s head, reach for a flathead screwdriver tight enough to hang within the Phillips-head space. Bear in mind that it grabs sturdy muscle to pull this off. However, to aid things, it is brilliant to connect this quick strategy with the rubber band technique explained in Method 1.

Method #5: Cut in with an Oscillating Tool

Yet another easy and quick method to pull off a stripped screwdriver is by using oscillating tools. If there is an oscillating tool in your garage, such as a Dremel, you can now affix the metal-cutting disc and build a new one. You apparently should hold one of these tools to dig a deeper slot in the screw cap. Catching up with a flathead screwdriver, pushing it firmly into the dent and turning it gently, can get the job done. 

Method #6: Weld a nut to the Screw’s Cap

If you have experience with welding and have the primary equipment on hand, here is a last-easy effort you could make. You can weld a nut to the head of the screw cap, wait a minute, then push both screw and nut utilizing a socket wrench. Once you do so, the screw will get pulled away.


So, readers, this is how you can easily and quickly remove a stripped screw without calling an expert or wasting money on expensive tools!


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