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How to apply for a business visa for Australia

Visado Migration Services, is an expert company in migration, based in Colombia and Australia, which has the best migration agents, who will provide you with all the necessary information. Our company in addition to inform you will guide you throughout the process of applying and obtaining a visa, do not wait any longer to invest in visa and apply with us to your business investor visa.

Every day there are more foreign investors who wish to deposit their money and companies in Australia, this is because they trust in its stable economy and excellent workforce, this is not the only thing that influences a person who wishes to obtain a business investor visa, but the various sectors that allow to deposit confidence such as mining, agriculture, tourism, technology, among others.

Our best migration agents will help you apply for the business investor visa that suits your needs and obligations. Below, we will mention some of the visas you could apply for.

Visitor Visa in Australia

With this visa you can stay up to 3 months in Australia for business purposes. All investors always decide to visit the territory before establishing their companies and although this country is very profitable and stable, this visit will help you to know a little of its culture, people and the tastes of the users, this way you will be able to convince yourself if Australia is the right country for your business.

This visitor visa has a cost of 140$ AUD, generally it only takes between 15 and 25 days to be processed. Once approved, you will be able to visit the country for 3 months for business purposes, for example to establish your contacts and meet potential clients; to make inquiries, look for potential employees, visit offices where you can establish your company.

You must know very well that, during this period of time, you cannot work or sell goods or services, it is as if it were a tourist visa. During 3 months you will be able to enter and leave Australia without restrictions. You must be outside the aussie territory to apply for this business investor visa.

Business Innovation and Investment Visa

This business investor visa gives you the opportunity to take advantage of commercial relations with Australia. There are five different types of visas that you can take into account when taking an investor visa:

  1. Business Innovation Mode: if you want to manage a business and you have skills for this, then this visa is perfect for you. You will only have to pay to the Immigration Department 4.985$ AUD and you will be able to stay for up to 4 years in the territory, because it is a business investor visa you could extend your stay to 2 years.
  2. Investor modality: this business investor visa will allow you to temporarily visit the aussie territory, but you must invest at least 1.5 million dollars in some state of the country for it to be granted. This permit takes at least 19 months and allows you to stay for up to 4 years and 3 months in the territory of koalas and kangaroos. Before applying for it, the Australian Government will have to nominate you, it is worth mentioning that its cost is 4.985$ AUD.
  3. Relevant Investor Mode: you must want to invest at least 5 million Australian dollars in the nation for this business investor visa to be granted. Its value is 7.150$ AUD and allows you to stay for at least 4 years in this country. Like the previous one, you must be nominated by the Australian Government and then apply for it. It is worth mentioning that when your visa is about to expire, you can contact the best migration agents of Visa Migration Services to help you extend your permit.
  4. Premium Investor Mode: only those investors who have been nominated by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission can obtain this visa, which costs $8,770 AUD, and is especially for those who wish to stay in the country for more than 4 years and want to invest at least $15 AUD.
  5. Entrepreneur Mode: is a mode, which allows entrepreneurs to carry out various economic activities in the country, for up to 4 years. You can be financially sponsored by a third party and nominated by the same.

Business Talent Visa

This business investor visa applies for talented business people who wish to stay in the country. There are two ways to obtain this visa, the first one is for an important business background, which costs 7.290$ AUD and allows you to establish new business in the aussie territory. However, you must know that the Government must nominate you in order for you to apply and then obtain it.

On the other hand, there is also the modality of venture capital entrepreneur, this type of business investor visa is granted to entrepreneurs who secured their funds in an association, which is called “Australian Venture Capital Limited Association”, like the rest of the visas you must be nominated and pay 7.890$ AUD at the time of applying for the visa that offers you permanent residence in this wonderful country.

There are many business investor visas that you can take into account if you have already decided to deposit your money and trust in a business in Australia, you must investigate very well which is the one that suits you best, because remember that many things are at stake, you must also complete some forms, answer questions and more to be able to enter this country.

If you manage to enter the market of investors in Australia, you will be able to take advantage of its economy and at the same time the relations that it has with countries like China, USA and United Kingdom, great powers of the moment, that without a doubt could help you to expand your business quickly.

Remember, you will never achieve business success if you don’t work hard for it. Fortunately, our team at Visado Migration Services, is at your disposal and has the best migration agents, who will help you in this complicated and delicate situation.

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