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Caterpillar (CAT) Unveil New In House Developed Technology For New Machinery

Cat is continuously releasing new technology to update their machines with new technology to keep the market fresh and make jobs on-site in multiple sectors easier. With new technology the machines that Cat is making now are more efficient and safer than ever. Soon one day the technology may even save lives.


Al-Bahar has launched new Cat excavator machines in the middle east. Al-bahar is the exclusive Cat equipment dealer in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain and they are introducing two of Cat’s finest and newest construction machinery to these Middle eastern markets at the Big 5 Heavy Expo in Dubai.

Some of the vehicles being introduced are the Cat 320 medium excavator and the Cat 962L medium wheel loader. The Cat 320 features an increased operating efficiency by up to 45% over traditional grading methods. This is due to the variety of Cat Connect technological upgrades.

This model consumes 25% less fuel than in previous similar models. The new models also do more at a lower cost than previous builds. One of the ways it reduces costs is in maintenance cost up to 15% when compared to older series.

Samer Ismail, product manager, earthmoving, and excavation, Al-Bahar, said: “Construction’ being inevitable for the growth of every region, we see it as the major growth driver for our regions. Additionally, initiatives like Expo 2020 promise new demand.”

Another vehicle is the 962L. The 962L uses the fuel-efficient powerhouse engine the Cat C7.1 ACERT. The Cat C7.1 ACERT has a maximum power rating of 195kW and can handle a functional operating weight of 19 tons. The 962L also boasts up to 10% less fuel consumption than seen in previous models. There is no doubt these machines will be a welcome upgrade for machinery owners and excavator hire companies.

Fatigue Tracking Software

Another recent development by CAT is the facial recognition software installed in their rigid dump trucks. They did this in a partnership with Seeing Machines so that fleet owners in the mining sector can monitor their drivers fatigue and make the workplace safer.

This came as a result of the long days that many mining operations demand out of their employees. This makes drivers feel very fatigued which can be a dangerous problem. This is particularly dangerous for those driving the rigid dump trucks. A vehicle that heavy can cause a lot of damage if the driver is falling asleep at the wheel.

Now with Cat’s facial recognition system they can scan the drivers faces for signs of microsleep such as brief unintentional periods of unconsciousness. They can determine the warning signs by indicators such changes in posture of the head and eyelids.

Whenever Cat’s facial recognition senses potential fatigue, the software issues an alarm and sends a video clip in for review to a 24-hour center for monitoring sleep fatigue in Cat’s Illinois headquarters.

Once a safety advisor sees if it is real fatigue or not, they will contact the driver through the radio and tell the site manager that there is a possible issue and that they should allow the driver to rest.

Caterpillar Safety services is a consolatory branch of the company and still has a lot of development before these Seeing Machines will be further implemented. As of now they are still in the early stages of this project and hope to one day cover over 50,000 trucks globally.

Cat has remained one of the top construction manufacturers for years for a reason. The advances as detailed above clearly demonstrate why this is. These advanced features demonstrate the progress that is being made by brands such as Cat. With better technology work will not only be a whole lot easier but it will be much safer. The manual labor industries can be dangerous and hard work with these tools eventually even the hardest of jobs will be completely safe and simple to complete.

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