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How are educational innovations shaping nursing studies?

Education is something that is widely recognized as important for a happy and fulfilled life. It also comes in useful when looking to carve out a successful career. Although education has been around for a long time, it is a sector that is always moving forward.

This has led to some real educational innovations in recent years, which have been felt across a wide range of areas. New developments in education have certainly contributed to the shape of nursing studies lately. This has led to student nurses being greatly affected in a positive way by these changes.

But what are some of the top innovations in education that have shaped nursing studies?

Online learning

One educational innovation which is shaping nursing studies currently is online learning. These types of courses are completed primarily online, with any necessary clinical placements being arranged as practically as possible, making it super-convenient to gain the knowledge you need from home. This can be very useful for people already working in nursing, those who have no physical college or university close by to attend, or those who cannot study in an on-campus setting.

A good example of this type of program, of course, is the nurse educator online program offered by the University of Indianapolis. Programs like this help the next generation of nurse educators pick up the skills they need online, can be completed in just eight semesters, and include proactive support from expert tutors.

VR tech in education

Virtual reality is a hugely important technology in many sectors, and it is starting to play a part in nursing studies too. This makes it one educational innovation in the sector that is hard to ignore. But exactly how does this pan out?

VR tech enables student nurses to practice performing key tasks in a virtual setting. This means that they can make any mistakes without causing distress to patients and do not use up real-life resources as they practice. It also means they can use VR tech to practice procedures until they feel fully confident performing them in real-life.

Digital textbooks

Although this might seem like a minor innovation in education, it has had a hugely beneficial impact on students. This is certainly true for people studying nursing, who can now access many of the textbooks they need digitally.

This not only makes textbooks easier to obtain and less time-consuming to find but can also make them cheaper to buy. This has made a real mark in education recently and in nursing studies overall. It has definitely made tracking down that key nursing textbook a lot simpler!

Innovation in education key to nursing

Innovation is a key part of nursing as a sector, so it makes sense that nursing studies have been influenced by innovation in education. While the above are only a few examples of how this has taken place, they do illustrate just how the latest developments in the education industry can be felt by student nurses.

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