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Game of Thrones Season 1, Critics and Reviews

Game of Thrones Season 1, Critics and Reviews

 Game of Thrones season 1

Season 1 of the game of thrones is got more popularity from HBO. It is still the most searched and great thrill on google engine. This serial was on aired in 2011 for the first time. The series was based on the novel “A song of ice and fire”. It converted into a pilot drama. The serial was comprised of ten episodes. 


What is the Game of Thrones?


It was the first kind of thrill on HBO. Therefore, People found it exclusive and strange at the same time because of all the episodes were a massive deal literally. The community was feeling spellbound in the serial, as well as every upcoming event was attracting the audience.


Games of Thrones Season 1 cast


They are so parallel in temperament. Characters list is an elongated one, Jon’s quest belongs to respect and dignity. In fact, no one can face his role. But the most popular and top ten among them are Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Joffery, Jon Snow, Ned, Jaime, Drogo, Littlefinger, including Bronn. Additionally, All the leads have justified their roles. They proved to be the best. Therefore they were the probable reason behind the success of the season. 

Arya was in such a beautiful spirit. She had the fire inside her to justify the role of a decent lady. Because she did it nicely at a young age. In addition, Joffery was quite unfussy and forthright in his position.

We will surely develop better understanding with Games of Thrones cast with the flow of time as we will keep on watching them in supplementary roles, but nothing can beat the parts they did in the season. Further, all the lead characters were better equipped and they got the best supports with them. 


Game of Thrones Season 1 news


It is giving space to characters. Tyrion came in balancing deeds. Ned was also trusted upon his respect and honor. Nobody can challenge the role. He is smart. He is functionally active.

Struggle and agony were the main hidden themes that got Game of thrones. Valiant heroes are coming up with blatant challenges for the audience. Game of Thrones season 1 was confirmed that they would win. So, Game of thrones tv show is showing the bitter realism quantitatively.


 Game of Thrones Season 1 fantasy series 


Even though people take it as a fantasy series Game of Thrones 2011 but not the complete stuff is a fantasy. It is something coming from realism. One may not deny the appearance of reality hidden in between the lines by and by. Daenerys’ pyrrhic transformation seems strange. Game of thrones imbd is close to reality.

Not everything is copied wholly from the book. It is a purely edited version of the book. One may scrutinize the mini editing after some of the scenes. Actually, It is easy for those to review the points which have already read the book. But still, it is a first attempt to catch up with the book.


HBO Game of Thrones rated 


It is a cute TV adaptation of the book, indeed. That is why natives appreciated the idea and are eagerly waiting for the upcoming seasons. Additionally, They are asking for more and more in beautiful packages.


Game of Thrones season 1 Review of all Episodes 


HBO game of thrones is divided into ten chapters. Let’s talk especially more about HBO Game of thrones.


First Episode


The first episode as, “Winter is coming”, starts with the mystery of the soldier. The person was trying to compete with the supernatural hurdles to save his life and get out of danger. In fact, another cool empire caught them. People liked to see the fantasy world as the idea was quite fresh at that time.


Second Episode

The second episode, “The Kingsroad”, narrated the idea of the role of a king. An assassin attacked a person Bran in his unconsciousness. Arya’s dire wolf shows that they are defending her. In addition, the winter and beauty of animals have proven to be exciting.


Third Episode

Episode three is coming with the tag of “Lord Snow”. Ned is going to join the king’s small conference. Here, the idea of lovely snow and the threat of lord is depicting the view of the thoughts that how the hero is going to save the self from the crankiness of the cold world’s issues.


Fourth Episode

In the fourth episode, an elongated name is there. They want to strengthen the idea of disappointments ina beautiful display. “Cripples Bastards, and the Broken Things” is talking about saddle modifications. The beauty of the episode has grown so much by adding a tournament competition to the time so that people enjoy the Syrian environment. Game of Thrones season 1 chapter 4 cast added more people.


Fifth Episode 


The fifth episode is talking about animals and wildlife. As the name depicts, “The Wolf and the Lion”, narrates the message of animal’s potency. Queen’s brothers are interrogating and demanding the answer about the killing of Ned’s men. Game of thrones seasons 1 episode 5 cast is lovely.


Sixth Episode 


The sixth episode, “A Gloden Crown” is giving the message of the victory as a king. Villagers are playing a vital role in giving honor to the king and adding to the reverence of him. The fight for the throne is here, giving the central theme of the series.


Seventh Episode

The seventh episode, “You Win, or You Die” is coming with a strong stance of do or die message. Although it is the context happening between Ned and Robert. They are potently opening the vistas of the throne by getting it either or choosing death instead.


Eighth Episode

Eighth episode, “The Pointy End” where Arya manages to get some guards to run off the Red keep. Sana is still in trouble in the winter fall. Drogo is also playing his part. Indeed, He gets irreversible foot serious injuries in the end.


Ninth Episode

The ninth episode, “Baelor” is giving a beautiful look to the twins’ castle. Sana is in trouble when she sees the father dying. It is a troublesome and heartfelt scene indeed, Game of Thrones season 1 is also applying tactics of blood magic to save him.


Last Episode

The last episode, “Fire and Blood” is the closing drama prospect in the end. Drogo is quite successful here in burning the witch alive. The storyline of Game of thrones new is showing that it will continue for sure.


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