Monday, April 15, 2024

Fastest Asset Lifecycle Management Solution on Earth? Meet the New Boss…

There are a few established companies with claims to fame for various Asset Lifecycle Management components or functionality. In the category of “Fastest to Implement Enterprise-Grade Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)”, please meet the new boss.

Actually, similar to the iconic Who song “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, the New Boss is… the Same as the Old Boss.  This ‘boss’ of the fastest to implement enterprise-grade asset lifecycle management is Fulcrum Technologies. However; a tech company that has been quietly cranking out successful ALM solutions for two decades.

Most importantly; fulcrum Technologies is already famous for having the most complete end-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management solution. However; it includes field data collection, asset reconciliation, audits, order, warehouse, spares and excess management, reporting, and enterprise-level integration. Thus; they are also famous for having the world’s most powerful app for mobility solutions. No doubt; it has helped tens of thousands of users track millions of unique assets (for some WELL-known brands).

Now, with their 2021 release of “Siteline”, Fulcrum gives every sized enterprise, company, business, organization, or group the ability to harness the power of Fulcrum CATS in a right-sized solution.  So; the kicker is; for complex custom implementations, Siteline can go-live in hours & days, rather than months (and sometimes years).  Therefore; Jami Oster, the Fulcrum CEO, used a number of terms to describe Siteline. However; they include “speedy, scalable, powerful”, even with considerations for tailoring each solution to fit the specific needs of each business customer.

Though; operations, Supply Chain, and Finance executives can get an exclusive demo sneak peek of Siteline throughout January by emailing, or visiting

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