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Exfoliant for Face: Who Should Use It?

Pollution, UV exposure, and dust are arch-enemies to the youthful glow on our faces. You can rely on an exfoliant for face to help fight these elements. But is a face exfoliant safe for all skin types? Won’t exfoliation cause dryness and irritation to your skin? Find out the truth in this article.

Who should use a face exfoliator?

A face exfoliator is perfect for anyone who is a victim of dull, lustreless skin. Even people with dry skin can use a face exfoliator to get rid of blackheads and rejuvenate their skin. The best solution to tackling dullness is to use an overnight face exfoliator mask. It will help you wake up with a radiant glow while being gentle on your skin.

Benefits of using an overnight face exfoliant mask

Wondering why you should add an overnight face exfoliant mask to your skincare regimen? Check out the convincing reasons below:

Unclogs pores

A face exfoliator is ideal for removing dead skin cells from your face. Therefore, it will help open up clogged pores.

Tackles blackheads

If blackheads are a major skin concern for you, a face exfoliator will take care of them.

Improves skin texture

A face exfoliator is ideal for smoothing your skin and eliminating the visibility of fine lines. As a result, you will notice an even skin texture.

Locks moisture

A face exfoliator often comes with a moisture-locking ingredient. Therefore, it will help deal with the problem of dryness.

Soothes the skin

Leaving an exfoliating mask on your face overnight can provide your skin with adequate moisture. It will soothe your skin and make it feel more gentle.

How to use a face exfoliator

If you are wondering how to use a face exfoliator, here are the detailed steps for you:

  • Begin by washing your face to eliminate dirt, dust, and grime from the surface
  • Take a pea-sized amount of the exfoliator mask and apply it to your face evenly.
  • Continue patting it unless it gets fully absorbed.
  • Spread the product outwards from the center of your face.
  • Keep it on your face overnight and wash it in the morning to get softer, smoother skin.

After washing the exfoliant mask in the morning, remember to apply moisturiser. Also, use sunscreen before stepping out because your skin becomes more photosensitive after exfoliation. Remember that you can use the face exfoliant mask twice a week.

Ending Note

The Overnight Exfoliating AHA BHA Radiance Mask from The Pink Foundry is the best face exfoliant for all skin types. If you want to bring back that bright radiance to your face, look no further than this face exfoliator. The product is extremely gentle and effective on the skin with powerful ingredients like niacinamide and salicylic acid. Incorporate the face exfoliator into your skincare routine and observe quick results.

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