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Everything You Need to Know About an Excel Checklist Template

Everything You Need to Know About an Excel Checklist Template

Whether you are new to Excel or are an Excel pro. Excel checklists are one of the things that you should definitely know how to do within the program. From wedding checklists to grocery shopping lists, school shopping, and everything in between – Excel checklist templates can really help to streamline and simplify your life allowing you to become more organized. If you are already familiar with Excel this will probably be easier for you to grasp. But even if you know nothing about Excel it probably takes less than 15 minutes for you to create a checklist on your own. And even less time to modify a pre-made checklist template that you downloaded from the Internet. In any case, here is everything you need to know about excel checklist templates. And why you need them in your life – both personally and professionally!

Excel Checklist Easy to Make

While you might dread using Excel for anything, you can actually create a checklist in just three easy steps! If you are new to Excel you probably don’t have the developer tab enabled yet so this is the first thing you need to do. In order to do this, you need to right-click on the ribbon and then select “customize the ribbon.” Then, within the “Excel Options” box, on the right-hand column which is called “main tabs.” Near the bottom of the “main tabs” column is an option named “developer” with a checkbox next to it. Simply check that box and then click ok to exit out of this menu and move on to the next step.

Checklist Items

Now you need to enter all of your checklist items into each individual cell. After you have entered all of your items into the list. It’s time for the final step which is to insert the actual checkboxes into the list. For this, go to the “developer” tab, then click on “insert” and click on the checkbox option under “form control.” Then click into the cell where you want the checkbox to appear. When you do this, a text box will appear alongside the checkbox but this can be deleted by highlighting. The text portion and erasing it. So as you can see, creating a checklist in Excel can be done in three simple steps!

You Can Also Download Them

While creating a checklist template in Excel is easy to do on your own, if you are looking for a more complex format it might be a better idea to do some quick research on the Internet to see if anyone else has already created a template that would be well-suited to your needs. Some examples of different templates that are already out there. And ready for you to download and use our event planning checklists, family to-do lists, household chores lists, new hire checklists, grocery lists… the options are really endless here! These pre-made templates are great because most of the work is already done for you. All you need to do is go in and enter your specific items… no real formatting is needed on your part.

They Can Simplify Your Life

Overall, Excel checklist templates are a great way to organize and simplify your life. Even though it’s 2020, people still use paper and pen to create these lists that are easy to misplace. And aren’t uniformly formatted. If you love lists and organization. Excel checklists are a great way to bring that into the 21st century. Within a great program that you likely already use for other purposes. It doesn’t matter if you are using them for personal or professional reasons. Excel spread templates can help everyone stay on track!

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