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The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked!

There is a huge list of The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV shows of her time. When you think of Hollywood stars, the first name that comes to mind is “Liz Taylor.” She was perhaps most known for her multiple marriages, huge jewelry collection, and gorgeous violet eyes.

The American actress Elizabeth Taylor’s full name was Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. She was born on February 27, 1932, in London, England, and passed away on March 23, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Taylor was known for her extraordinary beauty as well as her performances as a volatile and independent-minded character.

When Taylor was born, her parents, who are originally from the United States, were living in England. The family moved back to the United States and established themselves in Los Angeles only a few short months before the start of World War II. Her father had a successful company as an art dealer, which put him in regular touch with influential people in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Taylor made her acting debut in the 1942 film One Born Every Minute. She rose to fame with her performance in the 1944 picture National Velvet. MGM Studios signed her to a contract and cast her in the 1943 film Lassie Come Home.

After that, she had a star-making performance in the 1944 film National Velvet, in which she played a young lady who rehabilitates a horse and prepares it for a race. Despite the fact that she received awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for her performances in the movies Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

However, Taylor’s success wasn’t without loss and suffering. Her husband, the innovative producer Mike Todd, died in a plane accident in 1958, leaving her a young widow. After Todd’s death, Taylor had an affair with his close friend Eddie Fisher, which became one of the biggest Hollywood love scandals of the century. In 1959, after his divorce from Debbie Reynolds, Fisher married Taylor. She remained with Fisher for a total of five years until she divorced her husband.

It is widely agreed that Elizabeth Taylor was the most famous actress to emerge from the golden era in Hollywood. The American Film Institute ranked Elizabeth Taylor as the seventh-greatest screen icon in the history of classic American film. Taylor rose to prominence on the world stage because of her outstanding good looks, magnificent “violet” eyes, and excellent acting ability. Well, here we will discuss The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows.

1- Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

1 Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 1
Release Date (Streaming)Jun 22, 1966
ProducerErnest Lehman
DirectorMike Nichols
WriterErnest Lehman, Edward Albee
CastElizabeth Taylor, Frank Flanagan, Sandy Dennis, Richard Burton, George Segal, Agnes Flanagan

After attending a cocktail party hosted by Martha’s father, the college president, George (Richard Burton) and his alcoholic wife Martha (Elizabeth Taylor) go home late on a Saturday night. Martha says that she has asked Nick (George Segal), the new teacher, and Honey (Sandy Dennis), the new teacher’s shy wife, over for a nightcap. The arrival of the younger couple sets off a night of unrestrained venting about their troubled marriage.

2- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

2 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 2
Release Date (Streaming)Sep 18, 1958
ProducerLawrence Weingarten
DirectorRichard Brooks
WriterRichard Brooks, James Poe
CastElizabeth Taylor, Judith Anderson, Jack Carson, Paul Newman, Burl Ives, Madeleine Sherwood

When Brick Pollitt (Paul Newman) harms himself while drunkenly reminiscing about his days as a high school sports hero, he and his volatile wife, Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor), go to his family’s plantation in Mississippi to celebrate the 65th birthday of Brick’s volatile father, Big Daddy (Burl Ives). Brick’s father is known for his explosive temper. Big Daddy is irritable despite the fact that his health is deteriorating, and he wants to find out why Brick and Maggie haven’t yet given him a grandson, in contrast to Brick’s brother Gooper (Jack Carson), and his fertile wife, Mae (Madeleine Sherwood).

3- Giant

3 Giant
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 3
Release Date (Streaming)Nov 24, 1956
ProducerGeorge Stevens, Henry Ginsberg
DirectorGeorge Stevens
WriterEdna Ferber, Ivan Moffat, Fred Guiol
CastElizabeth Taylor, Carroll Baker, James Dean, Jane Withers, Chill Wills, Rock Hudson

When powerful Texas rancher Bick Benedict (played by Rock Hudson) comes home after a trip to the East Coast with his sophisticated new love interest Leslie Lynnton (Elizabeth Taylor), he causes a commotion in his hometown. Bick and Leslie eventually tie the knot, but not before she has a falling out with his sister Luz (played by Mercedes McCambridge), and before she attracts the interest of an ambitious young man named Jett Rink (played by James Dean). In this sprawling drama, Bick and Jett begin a bitter competition that remains at the forefront of their interactions despite the passage of time and the shifting of their respective fortunes.

4- A Place in the Sun

4 A Place in the Sun
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 4
Release Date (Streaming)Aug 28, 1951
ProducerGeorge Stevens
DirectorGeorge Stevens
WriterPatrick Kearney, Michael Wilson, Theodore Dreiser, Harry Brown
CastElizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Anne Revere, Keefe Brasselle, Shelley Winters, Raymond Burr

In the original film adaptation of Theodore Dreiser’s book “An American Tragedy,” starring Montgomery Clift, the protagonist, George Eastman, is the nephew of a rich businessman who is shunned by high society and forced to work in a factory run by his uncle. As George moves up the corporate ladder, he develops a love interest in Alice Tripp, a coworker played by Shelley Winters. However, after meeting the socialite Angela Vickers, played by Elizabeth Taylor, he immediately develops feelings for her, which ultimately results in a sad love triangle.

5 – National Velvet

5 National Velvet
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 5
Release Date (Streaming)Jan 26, 1945
ProducerPandro S. Berman
DirectorClarence Brown
WriterEnid Bagnold
CastElizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, Reginald Owen, Anne Revere, Donald Crisp, Angela Lansbury

An equestrian-obsessed young girl named Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor), who lives in the countryside of Sussex, acquires a rowdy horse, and she makes the decision to prepare it for the Grand National, which is a horse race in England. Velvet is assisted by former jockey Mi Taylor, played by Mickey Rooney, and supported by her family as she prepares her horse, which is fondly referred to as “The Pie,” for the major race. However, in the nick of time, there is an issue with the jockey, and it is necessary for an unexpected rider to come in as a substitute.

6 – Father of the Bride

6 Father of the Bride
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 6
Release Date (Streaming)Jun 16, 1950
ProducerPandro S. Berman
DirectorVincente Minnelli
WriterAlbert Hackett, Frances Goodrich
CastElizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, Leo G. Carroll, Don Taylor, Joan Bennett, Billie Burke

When the lovely Kay Banks (played by Elizabeth Taylor) tells her father, a doting middle-class man named Stan (Spencer Tracy), that she is going to marry Buckley Dunstan (played by Don Taylor), Stan is forced to deal with a number of challenges, ranging from financial concerns to difficulties in the organization of the wedding. Ellie, Stan’s wife (played by Joan Bennett), does her best to maintain a level head while the situation around her becomes more chaotic. However, the emotional connection that Stan has with his young daughter and his shock at the revelation that she has truly grown up are at the center of the humor.

7 – Jane Eyre

7 Jane Eyre
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 7
Release Date (Streaming)Dec 24, 1943
ProducerWilliam Goetz
DirectorRobert Stevenson
WriterRobert Stevenson, Aldous Huxley, John Houseman
CastElizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, John Sutton, Sara Allgood, Orson Welles,Peggy Ann Garner, Margaret O'Brien

This play, which was adapted from the well-known book written by Charlotte Bront, follows the ups and downs experienced by a young English lady named Jane Eyre (Joan Fontaine). Jane was orphaned and reared in an orphanage where she was abused as a child. Eventually, she found work as a nanny at Thornfield Hall, where she fell in love with Edward Rochester, the older aristocratic owner of the estate played by Orson Welles. However, Jane and Edward’s relationship faces a number of challenges, and it is possible that their love may not be able to endure the impact of a chain of dramatic and unlucky occurrences.

8 – Suddenly Last Summer

8 Suddenly Last Summer
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 8
GenreLgbtq+, Drama
Release Date (Streaming)Dec 22, 1959
ProducerSam Spiegel
DirectorJoseph L. Mankiewicz
WriterTennessee Williams, Gore Vidal,
CastMontgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Raymond, Albert Dekker, Katharine Hepburn, Mercedes McCambridge

Elizabeth Taylor plays Catherine Holly, a young socialite who is traumatized and institutionalized after witnessing the horrible murder of her cousin while on vacation in Europe. This film is based on Tennessee Williams’ play of the same name. Her aunt, Violet Venable, played by Katharine Hepburn, is desperate to conceal the circumstances surrounding her son’s murder and makes an effort to pay the young surgeon Dr. John Cukrowicz, played by Montgomery Clift, for performing a lobotomy on Catherine. But John makes a solemn promise that he would investigate Catherine’s condition thoroughly before taking any sort of action.

9 – Cleopatra

9 Cleopatra
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 9
GenreDrama, History
Release Date (Streaming)Jun 12, 1963
ProducerWalter Wanger
DirectorJoseph L. Mankiewicz
WriterCarlo Mario Franzero, Ranald MacDougall, Sidney Buchman, Joseph L. Mankiewicz
CastElizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, Hume Cronyn, Pamela Brown, George Cole

Cleopatra is a long, wide, and magnificent love tale directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz that depicts Cleopatra’s manipulation of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony in her doomed quest to restore the Egyptian kingdom. The film was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. “Cleopatra” was released in 1997. This trio is involved in one of the most well-known and magnificently potent love triangles that have ever been recorded on film.

10 – Raintree County

10 Raintree County
The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows Ranked! 10
Release Date (Streaming)Oct 2, 1957
ProducerDavid Lewis
DirectorEdward Dmytryk
WriterMillard Kaufman
CastElizabeth Taylor, Rod Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Nigel Patrick, Lee Marvin, Eva Marie Saint

When Susanna Drake, played by Elizabeth Taylor, a Southern beauty, travels to Indiana, she meets John Wickliff Shawnessy, played by Montgomery Clift, an abolitionist who has strong convictions. Susanna falls in love with John. However, John fails when he gives in to Drake’s temptation and walks away from Nell Gaither (Eva Marie Saint), the woman he really loves. After Drake has tricked John into marrying her, the two of them move in together at her home in New Orleans, and it is there that John learns that a mental disorder exists in her family. After the Civil War breaks out, John takes advantage of the opportunity to flee his miserable marriage and join the Union army.

Here is a huge list of The Best Elizabeth Taylor Movies and TV Shows given below:

List of Movies

Cleopatra 50th Anniversary2013
Ninjas vs. Vampires2010
A Letter to True2004
These Old Broads2001
The Flintstones1994
Sweet Bird of Youth1989
Young Toscanini1988
Poker Alice1987
There Must Be a Pony1986
Malice in Wonderland1985
Between Friends1983
The Mirror Crack'd1980
Winter Kills1979
Return Engagement1978
A Little Night Music1977
Victory at Entebbe1976
The Blue Bird1976
The Driver's Seat1974
Ash Wednesday1973
Night Watch1973
Divorce His, Divorce Hers1972
X, Y & Zee1972
Divorce Hers1972
Divorce His1972
Hammersmith Is Out1972
Under Milk Wood1971
The Only Game in Town1970
Secret Ceremony1968
Reflections in a Golden Eye1967
The Comedians1967
Doctor Faustus1967
The Taming of the Shrew1967
The Comedians In Africa1967
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?1966
The Sandpiper1965
The V.I.P.s1963
Butterfield 81960
Suddenly, Last Summer1959
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof1958
Raintree County1957
The Last Time I Saw Paris1954
Beau Brummell1954
Elephant Walk1954
The Girl Who Had Everything1953
Love Is Better Than Ever1952
Father's Little Dividend1951
A Place in the Sun1951
Father of the Bride1950
The Big Hangover1950
Little Women1949
Julia Misbehaves1948
A Date With Judy1948
Life With Father1947
Courage of Lassie1946
The White Cliffs of Dover1944
Jane Eyre1944
National Velvet1944
Lassie Come Home1943

List of TV Shows

TV ShowsYear
God, the Devil and Bob2001
High Society1996
Can't Hurry Love1996
The Nanny1996
Murphy Brown1996
The Simpsons1992-1993
North and South1985
Here's Lucy1970
What's My Line?1954
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