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Does Group Health Insurance Also Cover Maternity Benefits?

If you are already a part of a group health insurance policy or looking forward to enrolling in one, the one question you might be asking is, “Does group health insurance also cover maternity benefits?” Well, this is certainly an important question, particularly if you are about to start or expand your family.

Group health insurance plans are undoubtedly a valuable employee benefit, but you can only make the most of them if you understand the ins and outs of this crucial benefit. Look no further. Dive into this article to understand thoroughly the key aspects of whether group health insurance policy typically cover maternity benefits.

Maternity Cover in Group Health Insurance

Maternity coverage is one of the various benefits offered under a group medical insurance. It refers to the coverage provided for pregnancy-related medical expenses. Employers usually offer group health insurance plans as a part of their employee benefits package. It helps lower your financial burden when you and your spouse decide to have a baby.

This maternity cover is customizable at the master policyholder level. You can decide on a limit for maternity within the overall sum covered. This limit can vary for cesarean, normal delivery, and non-metro and metro hospitals. The limit is usually set between ₹25,000 to ₹1,00,000. 

You can specify whether you want the newborns to be covered. Standard maternity insurance does not cover the newborn for the first 90 days.

A maternity insurance policy may have a waiting period that varies from company to company. This means that you will have to wait for the completion of the waiting period to avail its benefits.

What is Included Under Maternity Cover in Group Health Insurance?

A maternity cover includes various medical services and childbirth, pregnancy, and postnatal care expenses. However, the specifics of what is covered vary depending on the insurance plan and provider. Here are the certain common components of maternity coverage, which are as follows:

1. Prenatal Care

Maternity cover mostly includes expenses related to prenatal care, such as routine checkups, doctor visits, blood tests, ultrasound scans, and such.

2. Labor and Delivery

The expenses related to labor and childbirth, like delivery fees, hospital room charges, anesthesia, and other such medical services, are covered under a maternity insurance plan.

3. Hospitalization

Maternity cover also includes expenses for the mother’s stay during and after childbirth, covering room charges and other necessary medical care.

4. Postnatal Care

A maternity plan even includes postnatal care, including follow-up medical visits and services for the mother and the newborn after childbirth.

5. Compilations

Complications during childbirth or pregnancy, such as premature births, cesarean sections, or other medical issues, are also covered under a maternity insurance plan.

What is Excluded Under Maternity Cover of Group Health Insurance?

Depending on the insurance plan and its provider, exclusions under maternity cover can vary. Listed below are five of the most common categories of items and services that are usually excluded from maternity coverage:

●      Pre-Existing Condition

Most maternity policies exclude coverage for expenses related to pregnancies that started before the policy’s effective period and also pre-existing pregnancy conditions.

●      Elective Procedures

Various elective services or procedures that are not considered to be medically necessary, like cosmetic surgeries related to pregnancy, might be excluded.

●      Out-of-Network Providers

Costs accrued when using healthcare facilities or providers that are not within the insurance network might also not be covered.

●      Non-Medical Expenses

Expenses incurred for buying non-medical items like nursery furnishings, baby clothes, and baby gear are generally excluded from maternity coverage.

●    Third-Party Reproductive Services

Certain maternity policies might not cover third-party reproductive services and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Benefits of Maternity Cover in Group Health Insurance

A maternity cover in a group health insurance policy offers a wide range of benefits to expectant parents and families, helping to lighten the financial burden of pregnancy and childbirth. Listed below are five benefits of maternity coverage:

●      Financial Security

Maternity coverage provides the expectant parent with financial protection by covering the high medical costs of childbirth and pregnancy.

●      Access to Quality Care

Maternity cover gives the expectant mother access to quality prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care.

●      Covers Unforeseen Complications

Most maternity coverages include expenses that might arise due to unforeseen complications during pregnancy and childbirth. This acts as a safety valve for the expectant parents.

●      Peace of Mind

Maternity coverage provides much-needed peace of mind to expectant parents since the coverage includes the costs of childbirth and any potential complications that may arise.

●      Support for Newborns

Certain maternity insurance plans include initial medical expenses for newborns, like well-baby checkups and vaccinations.


In conclusion, group medical insurance includes maternity benefits, providing essential coverage during childbirth and pregnancy. That being said, the details of what is covered might vary. Hence, it is essential to meticulously review your policy documents and talk to your insurance provider to clear any doubts regarding the terms and conditions mentioned in the documents.

Such comprehensive knowledge will help you make informed decisions and give you the freedom to concentrate on what truly matters during this crucial phase of your life – the well-being of you and your growing family.

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