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A Designers Guide for 2022 Kitchen Trends 

Do you want to modernize your kitchen? The 2022 kitchen trends are fashionable yet functional, with something to fit everyone’s needs. There are plenty of on-trend styles and state-of-the-art appliances to choose from, with interesting new kitchen brands popping up and loads of novel design concepts and ingenious twists on existing appliance designs on exhibit in kitchen showrooms across the country. Due to the latest trends popping up, there is no doubt that Smart Designer kitchen trends market value will increase in the future. Kitchens have never worked harder than they do now, as we spend more time at home than ever before and adjust to a new way of life. Every home’s kitchen has evolved into the most adaptable and often used space.

Our kitchens are changing, from open-concept living areas to temporary home offices. Updating your kitchen: 2022 kitchen trends revealed Investing in any aspect of the kitchen can be beneficial, not just for living there but also in increasing the value of your property for resale. By looking at the latest kitchen ideas and designs, you’ll get insights to make the appropriate style choices for your house. Perhaps you’d want a stylish kitchen island, a larger cooker, a bold splashback, or a completely different color palette. Or you only know what you don’t need and are looking for ideas. If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the correct place. We’ve compiled the 2022 kitchen trend ideas here.

These Are the Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2022 – According to Designers!

1: Black and bright

A Designers Guide for 2022 Kitchen Trends 

A combination of black but bright kitchens was a big kitchen trend in 2019, and they are still a prominent trend in 2022. However, rather than focusing solely on color, combining materials and textures are becoming increasingly trendy. It’s a great way to add interest to a kitchen while keeping the color scheme neutral. The wall cabinets in this kitchen are classic black, while the floor cabinets are lovely raw wood. It’s still two-tone, but it’s a little more subdued. 

2: Decent Tile theme 

A Designers Guide for 2022 Kitchen Trends 

Tile is no longer just for the backsplash. These days, it’s all about moving up, up, and a way to the ceiling for a fresh, new appearance. It’s an excellent option for individuals who love neutral kitchens but want to add visual interest and layering to their space. Several designers told us that as more people abandon higher cabinetry (more on that later), they free up space to add beautiful hand-painted tile work or extend your backsplash across the room. 

3: Dark theme

A Designers Guide for 2022 Kitchen Trends 

Designers have noticed strong gravitation to the moody or dark kitchen as consumers bid goodbye to the all-white kitchen. The designer of this dramatic kitchen is Dallas-based designer Chad Dorsey. For this ultra-chic kitchen, Dorsey went for a European-elegance-meets-industrial-edge design, which includes Cambria countertops, trim, and cabinetry, as well as a rustic Cantera floor from Materials Marketing. The addition of a few natural elements makes the space feel as warm and inviting as if it were brighter. 

4: Green kitchen cabinets

A Designers Guide for Kitchen Trends 

When it comes to the kitchen, green can be both dramatic and opulent. Magnet has released two new Magnet products. Green Olives and Forest Walk are two current colors that create different finishes. The most common tiles and cabinetry colors are emeralds, forest green, and, subtly, sage. Deep forest greens complement latte tones, smoky glass, and delicate metallics to lend grandeur to the kitchen. White 

marble and brass bounce light around the space and balance of the darker tones

5: Vintage style

The goal of future kitchen trends is to erase any preconceptions of a show home. Incorporating antique or vintage furniture into a kitchen creates a warm, lived-in atmosphere. The obvious choice for a traditional style is farmhouse kitchen furniture in a scrubbed kitchen table or dresser. Antique pieces are 

timeless, constructed to last, and generally inexpensive to buy at vintage fairs. They will add character to a new room. 

6: Wooden cabinets

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As marble, granite, and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets grow increasingly fashionable due to pandemics, natural materials will continue to gain popularity. They are increasingly becoming recognized for their health benefits, in addition to their rich aesthetic quality. 

The cabinetry uses cerused oak, which is quite durable and has a lovely grain. Because the space’s materiality is so neutral, the inclusion of floating wood shelves allowed for moments of curation.’

7: Storage cabinets

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Storage is crucial in a time when we are attempting to declutter for our overall well-being, thanks to Marie Kondo. Especially in kitchens, where we require a large number of ‘things,’ ranging from food to culinary equipment. Kitchen storage ideas that are well-placed and hidden are a lifesaver for the aesthetics of our kitchens. 

‘The kitchen larder will be one of the most requested design components,’ says Ben Burbidge of Kitchen Makers. 

Finally, there won’t be a shortage of possibilities for kitchen cabinets and designs. Hopefully, this guide of 2022 kitchen trends will help you find an aesthetic and stylish design for your kitchen.

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