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CBD skincare: Breaking CBD Health Developments

The CBD market is continuing to boom, with huge growth in the number of products hitting the market over recent years. With the versatile benefits being an attractive prospect for adults of all ages, the amount of consumers who have adapted to taking CBD as part of their daily routine is continuing to rise. From helping you get a good night of sleep and reducing the symptoms of anxiety all the way to easing aches and pains and helping with chronic medical conditions, the natural benefits of CBD are dominating the market. With so many different products to choose from as you shop and a whole range of unique offerings, using sources such as CFAH to find the best solution for your needs can help you get the most from the world of CBD. We’ve pulled together some of the biggest advancements in CBD over the recent year, keeping you updated on the progress of the industry as we know it.

The world of skincare

The skincare industry has always been ever-changing, with a constant stream of new products and technologies available to help us maintain that desirable youthful glow. A lot of research and development has been undertaken into CBD skincare, with the industry booming as the additional ingredient offers further benefits. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are particularly effective for skincare as they can reduce any puffiness, being a powerful addition to the market that offers something new and enticing.

External application

Traditionally, CBD is taken orally by applying drops beneath the tongue which are absorbed into the bloodstream. Although the market has grown massively and we’ve seen the addition of gummies, tea bags, and infused drinks, topical CBD is a newer concept which is taking the market by storm. Available in both cream and as patches, they can be applied onto the skin above the target areas to focus efforts on a specific source of aches and pains. By penetrating the skin, the CBD can work its magic on any areas of discomfort for an effective alternative to oral CBD. We are expecting to see CBD creams boom over the upcoming years, with a lot of interest having been generated around this area as consumers switch out their regular lotion for a more powerful alternative.

CBD tampons

Being one of the more controversial additions to the market over the past year, CBD tampons are available for those suffering from painful periods. With CBD being known for its pain relief properties, targeting women who are suffering from stomach cramps is an effective approach, but is the infusion of a tampon too far? CBD tampons look unsuspecting, being used in the same way as a traditional tampon, but contain a dosage of CBD which offers the additional benefit of pain relief during the time of the month. Although research is limited in this area, the science behind the innovation is plausible but leaves many people questioning the effectiveness of such a unique method of consumption.

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