Daily Children’s Vitamins

50 years ago, the need for a daily children’s vitamin was not a topic of discussion that was on most people’s radar.  Today, with the mass incorporation of processed foods, the CDC suggests that nearly 90% of all children do not consume enough vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are our main source of the essential micronutrients needed to prevent diseases and lead an overall healthy life.  If kids lack these vital nutrients, the consequences could mean the early onset of ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and much more destructive diseases.

Today More Than Ever

Modern technology has brought our society so much rapid development.  We have been able to find cures to diseases which used to mean sure death when diagnosed.  There are preventative vaccines, medicines to alleviate pain, machines to do the work of man.  Unfortunately with such fast-paced growth also come the pitfalls.  We have been able to streamline the process of so many things in our lives including the production of food.  The advancement in food production meant the introduction of unnatural ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors, and other non-essential additives.  In the era of our grandparents and parents, the now-common term childhood obesity was little known.  Food was freshly prepared and balanced diets were the norm.  Physical activity was how kids engaged in fun, rather than being glued to the television or electronic devices.

Times have changed so drastically, and while there are no more causes for concern with our youth’s health, we thankfully have been able to use these modern advances to our advantage.  Over the course of the last several decades, researchers have been able to pinpoint all of the benefits that fruits and vegetables provide to us as a whole but specifically in the development years for children.

The Sugar Epidemic

Today’s youth have access and exposure to so much more unhealthy products than ever before.  The choices are boundless and oftentimes it can be hard to distinguish between things that are safe to consume versus something bad masked as healthy food.  Published studies have shown that 98% of kids consume too much sugar, leading to obesity, behavioral issues, and other lasting problems.  Sugar has been found to be a highly addictive food which is why the push to incorporate it into so many products proves to be a profitable practice for so many manufacturers.

The good news is that much of what plagues our young ones can be reversed.  A push for healthier eating habits is being encouraged in schools and paired with the right daily multivitamin can significantly reduce the chances of these problems taking effect.  Making small changes have the ability to make a significant impact on your child’s overall health.  What research has also shown us is how powerful these micronutrients can be.  From preventing illness, aiding in cell growth, brain development, bone growth and so much more, it’s no wonder so many of them are considered superfoods.

The importance of incorporating daily vitamins to your kid’s life is rightfully so, but so is ensuring that the proper one is chosen.  While the supplement industry is regulated by the FDA, it is a very loose one at that.  This is why it is pertinent that parents do their best to understand what ingredients are actually beneficial.  Look for products that incorporate organic ingredients along with real whole foods.  Steer clear of harmful additives such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavors.  Chances are if you have a challenging time pronouncing an ingredient, it’s not likely to be a natural ingredient that can be of any benefit to your kids.


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