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CW’s new superhero gonna be rock, get ready for Batwoman VS Alice combat!

Batwoman TV series will debut on October 6, 2019, only on CW. Certainly, the arrival of another superwoman in the CW team will be top-notch.

In the absence of Batman, his cousin, Kate Kane will wear his bat-costume to protect the Gotham city from the new invader, Alex. So, Batman disappeared and now Gotham is unprotected where Alex, the leader of Wonderland gang has arrived to take over the power.

Anyhow, Kate will take place of Batman and fight with the overruling evils. Certainly, it will be hell intensifying and adventurous to have another supergirl.

CW never fails to mesmerize its fans, and now it has brought a BatWOMAN. Sounds pretty cool, a Woman wearing bat-costume will fight against evil and protect the Gotham City.

Ruby Rose is all set to wear the bat-costume and portrays the role of Batwoman whereas Rachel Skarsten will play the role of Alice.

So, let’s warmly welcome another superwoman in town (superhero world). If you have watched the trailer of Batwoman, I am sure it must have sensitized you as it does with the rest of millions of fans around the globe.

Apart from all this, let me tell you another important fact about Kate and Alice. Both of our super rivals are none other than real-sisters. Anyhow, our batwoman and her rival, the villain Alice are anware of this fact, yet.

Let’s see how our Batwoman will be able to cope-up with the worsen situation of Gotham and defeat Alice.


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