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Coronavirus Breakout In Pakistan

Coronavirus Breakout In Pakistan

Coronavirus is a blatant hazard round the globe. Nobody is indeed safe from the menace. The scare of being dead or being no more alive is all around and is rising with the flow of time. No news sounds good news, indeed. We all are living in an age of uncertainty, which is not letting us stay like normal plus happy in any way.

South Asia

Pakistan is lying in south Asia where one may say for sure that menace of coronavirus is lying somewhere in the air. You may not deny the presence of the virus somewhere around you if you are staying in the south Asia zone.

What is coronavirus?

It is a kind of virus that started silently running towards the world from the borders of China towards the whole world. Things became scary when people around the globe realize that this kind of menace is on a severe node for all of us. Nobody is safe here from it.

Flu and Coughing

It opens up to the person in the form of flu and coughing. Further progression occurs when the person fell into the trouble of the coronavirus after becoming a victim to it on the whole. Then the attack progresses towards the lungs and the other body parts.

Immune System

Lungs keep on becoming non-functional over time. Things go into dangerous node further when the person feels high fever time periodically. Finally, it leads to the loss of the immune system, which may result in the death of the patient in the end.

which shows that yet there is no medicine available to us for getting rid of the trouble. Even the antibiotics and high potency medical treatments are useless for it.

Pakistan’s situation after coronavirus menace

Covid-19 it is a fact that Pakistan was mentally prepared for the attack of the virus because of the adjoined borders with China at first. Later the menace flew to Iran too, which made sure that now Pakistan has more and more chances to have the threat.

Threatening Situations

Threatening situations flourished when a person who was traveling to Pakistan via the Iran border was found to be having the coronavirus infection. This was a high alert indeed, which let them realize the severity of the trouble.

 Prime Minister of Pakistan

It is a troublesome time for the nation, and the secret of getting rid of it lies in unity. We all agree that integration is power, and one may do more if they will be staying united against any fear in the area. Luckily, Pakistan is having a protect prime minister of Pakistan at the moment, and this thing is giving a real advantage to getting rid of the trouble in every way.

Health Issues

Pakistan is not a rich country in any regard. The same is the case of problems in Pakistan, especially if we are talking about health issues.

For the purpose, the prime minister of Pakistan has a lot of plans. Most of the projects are finalized. The threat of the current virus is also a severe menace to the country in the present scenario.

Death Confirmed from Coronavirus In The United States Of America

Actions against coronavirus menace

Imran Khan as prime minister of Pakistan is taking the issue on a serious note and taking relevant actions against the menace. Surprisingly, the message is delivered to the world that Pakistan acted in the best manner for reacting to the threat of coronavirus.

Imran Khan is taking some specific actions for the purpose. They can be discussed here one by one. They are:

  • Isolation of patients:

  • further individual isolation rooms are arranged in all cities for the patients of coronavirus.
  • Vaccine data:

  • they are also focusing on getting some vaccine. Local plus natural treatment plans are suggested to the people by the doctors on behalf of WHO and the UN.
  • Shutting down education departments:

  • education departments it announced that schools, colleges, plus universities, will be closed for the students.
  • Fewer gatherings:

  • Imran khan is quite severe in discouraging the rate of meetings. Specifically, marriages, functions, etc. this will not let the people stay together so they will be on the safe side.
  • Preventions:

  •  proper guidelines as well as have provided to the people on the safe side. They are seeking preventive measures; the government is offering the services on low or nominal cost for the ills.
  • Media:

  • indeed, media is already potent in Pakistan; further, this is why it is playing its role on behalf of the prime minister of Pakistan.
  • Travel: 

  • it is recommended not to travel during these days without any urgent work.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is trying his level best to do it for the country. More than a dozen cases came to the sight; further this is why the threatening situation is rising. People found themselves insecure and want a way out. This is why the government provides instructions. May God protect the whole world from the threat of critical coronavirus and save us all.

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