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Best 5 Tamil Songs of the Year

Best 5 Tamil Songs of the Year

Tamil songs Kollywood was amazing in the year 2019, and we witnessed a lot of good songs. We also saw a lot of movies released, around 200, and approximately 5 songs in each of them. So, that makes more than 1000 songs, which is just too much.

Out of all those thousand songs of different genres, we have sorted out 5 of the best songs you can download and play on a loop (and enjoy).

So, here is the list

  1. Kannaana Kanney

Kannaana Kanney, Tamil songs the resonant song sung by Sid Sriram and made by D Imman, is about the profound feeling shared between a dad and a girl. Thamarai indeed scored with verses and the melody was praised by numerous families in the state and the visuals of the tune were upgraded by the nearness of Ajith as the dad.

  1. Rowdy Baby

Rowdy Baby is also the most famous Tamil melody of 2019. If you are a Tamil tune sweetheart then you ought to tune in to this melody. Tamil songs this is the most suggested tune for Tamil tune sweethearts. Rambunctious Baby has also recorded in the top 10 Tamil tunes 2019.

This is another tune that enhances the film soundtrack. Tamil songs As per Isaimini, abnormal musicality and combination of guitars with a conventional sound, make this melody perhaps the greatest hit of Tamil music in 2019. Sung by Dhanush and Dhee, this melody will engage you and make you move. Also, an extraordinary, bright, vitality stuffed video. Along these lines, this tune has the right to be positioned in the Top 5 Tamil hit melodies in 2019.

  1. Dingu Dongu (AC) (CC)

Even though the tune Tamil songs is a percussion ruled one (because the film is about that), AR Rahman sparkles in the manner in which he blends society and traditional percussion instruments with beautiful unpredictability. More than the vocals of Bombay Bakya and Anthony Dasan, you would join the children’s chorus. We should not discuss the film, however. Not deserving of a conversation.

You can download the song from isaimini and enjoy every bit of the song.

  1. Yaayum Yaayum (AC)(PC)

Shabir had been noteworthy in 2019 with Sagaa.

A victor of Vasantham Star 2005 in Malaysia, his debut as Music Director in Tamil was Sagaa. The nature of the tune is the ease of the tune, Tamil songs and it transformed into a minute hit. The greatness of the tune is the way Shabir unites the piano with the beautiful vocals of Naresh Iyer and Rita. Yaayum starts with the acclaimed Kurunthokai areas and continues with the stanzas of Shabir himself. You can hear a pinch of guitar, violin, and nagaswaram in the breaks.

  1. Vaan Thooral (AC)

Vaan Thooral in the movie Peranbu goes on at the section of their (Father and little girl) life when they start once again and Tamil songs the tune delineates that inspiration. A basic Kalyani raga based tune sung by Sriram Parthasarathy is amazing due to Yuvan’s development of the song and straightforward melody to enjoy.


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