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Cities must plan ahead for innovation without leaving people behind

Yung Wu contributor Yung Wu is the CEO of Mars Discovery District, a Toronto based innovator hub. From Tokyo to Toronto, challenges faced by people are often similar such as climate change, traffic, economic polarization, unemployment, etc. Cities must plan ahead for innovation. Since future cities need to be digital, smart, and innovative. One needs to come up with digital solutions like ride-sharing and home-sharing. We all know that changing a city is not a one night work, as it will take lots of effort and innovation.

Cities must plan ahead for innovation:

In order to make an operational city, one needs to keep patience as it required quality time. As and when the urban footprint will spread the potential for conflict and citizen priorities. Similarly, in the previous month, the Toronto Government released 1500 pages of innovative futuristic waterfront development which includes Sidewalks Labs. Many months we’re taken in order to understand and build the plan but the plan was accomplished in less than universal acclaim

When transparency is in equation one needs to trust government and companies which is more needed to create and a more inclusive and sustainable future. But even the best intentions can be misunderstood or can cause great damage if the leaders fail to be transparent about their plans.

Security and Privacy of the Cities:

Many staff and regions are already thriving in innovation ecosystems. Therefore, we need to develop a futuristic innovation to take public consultation. We have a team for them to engage in sustainable development. Cities must plan ahead for innovation to have a tech-enabled urban innovation. It is necessary to access crucial data. We need to use emerging technology like facial recognition, laser eye recognition, etc.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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