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Cannabis and Anxiety- Effects you should know

Cannabis for the first time appeared in Western Hemisphere when the Americans colonized this part of the world. Its fibers used to use in the production of paper, clothing, rope. Also, it widely used as a herbal medicine in different parts of the world. Now cannabis has made the most commonly used drug in the United States.

Hence, in the United States, cannabis use and disorders have more than doubled in the past decade. Anxiety is a symptom that has frequently associated with cannabis use, especially at high doses and acute usage. Anxiety is a broad term, and it is the feeling of unease like fear or worry that can be severe. Every one of us has such feelings at various stages of life. Like students may be anxious regarding their exam or someone may be anxious about their living standards, such anxiety leads to stress. Visit High Farms for better information.

Short-term Effects

Researches reveal that cannabis may reduce depression in the short term. It may temporarily give relief from anxiety and it may reduce stress arising out of anxiety. The scientific community verdict shows that its short term benefits exist. Other common benefits of cannabis are increasing a sense of calm, relaxing, and offering better sleep.

Long-term Effects

Using cannabis also has serious consequences like looping thoughts, changing in moods, paranoia, symptoms psychosis, brain fog, decreased motivation, lung irritation, increasing risk of cancers, fatigue, changes in weight. Using marijuana in excess can also make you feel scared.


In short, it has seemingly contradictory that some individuals report reduced anxiety by using cannabis. While, on the other hand, acute anxiety is the most common adverse effect of cannabis. These conflicting statements should be reconciled and further research is needed to clarify the process by which cannabis may cause severe anxiety and long-lasting anxiety disorders. Longitudinal studies may help in understanding social, neurobiological, and other contradictory factors, through such researches and studies prevention strategies could be easily developed. If you are interested in buying some good quality Cannabis products please visit here.

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