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A Convergence of Elegance: Breitling Watches That Will Elevate Your Look in 2021

Indeed, it seems that the pandemic situation is finally starting to get under control after just over a year of research and quarantine. However, despite the tide of battle turning in our favor, people are still quite nervous about setting foot outside their homes. Fortunately, trendsetters will always stay the same no matter what kind of situation they’re in, and that’s precisely the case with these new offerings from Breitling.

Some of the watches featured here are exceptionally exquisite pieces of art, which in hindsight is regarded to be among the most desirable items of 2021. Surprisingly, despite some countries still having lockdown protocols, the market for luxury watches has increased in some global markets. Breitling, in particular, is one of the fastest-growing companies that offer quality timepieces at a reasonable price.

Chronosphere Automatic Black Steel

The first entry on this list is the Chronosphere Automatic featured in a beautiful cream black and brown leather colorway. The Chronosphere is an elegant collection from Breitling that never fails to impress even the most seasoned horologists or enthusiasts, giving proof to the company motto of creating “instruments for professionals.”

The face is stainless steel construction with a 41mm diameter case that also features a unique dial with a dual graph layout. The design is quite unusual with a sideways hourglass background design in navy blue but fits quite well with the watch’s aesthetic. A 48-hour reserve paired with 30 meters of water resistance will ensure that the watch stays functional even when brought to outdoor trips.

Superocean Heritage II Automatic Chronometer Blue Dial Men’s

The Superocean Heritage II from Breitling is one of the more premium offerings on this list and will strike glances from any type of crowd. Breitling prides itself on its obsession with the highest quality watches, a testament to every chronograph in its collection. Therefore, the reputation for these timepieces only grows each time they are mentioned in feature articles like this.

The Superocean features a fully textured stainless steel strap and features a 44m diameter case that perfectly fits all types of hand sizes. However, the aggressive design of the watch may not be appealing to everyone. That being said, the limited edition status of the Superocean far outweighs the cons that some people may have with it.

Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk Chronograph Automatic Green Dial Men’s

Anyone with any military background or has any remotely significant interest in military-related items will appreciate this Aviator 8. The Curtiss Warhawk collection may be focused on Aviation-inspired timepieces, but the direction Breitling took for this piece will attract military veterans and like-minded individuals.

The Aviator 8 features an army green colorway for the strap and the dial, which contrasts with the darker stainless steel case. The diameter is measured at 43mm, around the 40-45mm sweet spot for wristwatches that will pair well with any hand size. An available date/day display with a minute graph is terrific for people who want a more specific grasp on the present time.

Superocean 42 Automatic Black Dial Men’s

The Superocean 42 may not be as unique or sought-after as its limited-edition siblings, but the watch is still quite attractive to most types of customers. The black rubber strap features grooves that give the illusion of a more premium type of material. The bezel features a simplistic tachymeter but is a stark contrast to the somewhat busy dial with date display and trademark Superocean and Breitling branding.

The hourly and minute hands on the Superocean 42 are a luminous silver that complements the 25-jewel inlay on the dual index layout. The power reserve is rated at a conservative 38 hours, but surprisingly, the Superocean 42 has an incredible 500-meter water resistance making it a perfect companion for extreme water enthusiasts.

Transocean Chronograph Automatic Diamond Men’s

One of the more beautiful sepia-toned offerings in the Breitling line is the Transocean Chronograph Automatic with a Diamond-lined bezel. The timepiece is extraordinary not because of the complications or caliber but due to the unique blend of aesthetic and premium elements. The 18k rose-gold tone paired with diamond inlays will make for a great formal event companion.

However, the Transocean has the smallest diameter of the group, measured only at 38mm and limited to smaller to medium hands. People with larger hands can get away wearing this watch if they swap out the leather strap for a slimmer alternative. Power reserves are rated at 42 hours with 100-meter water resistance.


Watchmakers are certainly elevating their quality each year, and the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic has inspired these households even more. Breitling takes pride in providing the highest quality timepieces at a fraction of the cost of other more expensive brands giving customers a great selection of finely-tuned pieces of art.

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