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Bicycling is Beneficial for People With Osteoarthritis

Hundred different forms of arthritis. According to rheumatologists, or doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions and autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis is the most common form.

Sometimes referred to as wear and tear arthritis, osteoarthritis is characterized by the damage or breakdown of cartilage, a smooth and elastic tissue whose purpose is to protect the end of the bones from rubbing against each other. While it is usually the result of aging, osteoarthritis can be blamed on other things, too. Some of them include being obese or overweight, repeated stress on the joint, and having a previous joint injury.

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis is a progressive joint disease that has no known cure. The good news is that its worsening can slow down or delay. Its different symptoms, ranging from pain to stiffness, can be managed as well.

One of the smartest things that people with osteoarthritis can take is riding a bicycle regularly. Whether the bicycle is a traditional bike or the stationary kind, such as the Assault air bikes, bicycling has a positive impact on the problematic joints. Thus, one need not rely heavily on painkillers, which come with side effects and risks.

Increased Lubrication

Many of those who have osteoarthritis refrain from using their achy joints, thinking that they might end up more painful and swollen. Rheumatologists confirm that it is a great idea to regularly engage the affected joints because it facilitates the synovial fluid production, which serves as a lubricant that helps the joints move without trouble.

Bicycling is a wonderful way to promote increased synovial fluid production. Such is because it doesn’t put a lot of strain on the joints, which is why it has considered as a low-impact form of exercise. Bicycling is gentle on the weight-bearing joints, especially the knees. Other examples of low-impact exercises beneficial for people with osteoarthritis include walking, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, and tai chi.

Reduced Morning Stiffness

Studies show that enjoying a good night’s sleep helps decrease pain perception, which means that it is a natural painkiller. Unfortunately, for people diagnosed with osteoarthritis, spending seven to nine hours in dreamland can cause morning stiffness.

As the name suggests, it is stiffness that has experienced upon waking up. It can usually accompany by pain and swelling. Sometimes, it can last for 30 minutes or less. In other cases, however, it can persist longer. Fortunately, something as simple as walking can help ease morning stiffness, albeit requiring one to endure the symptoms for a while. Many of those with osteoarthritis swear by the effectiveness of using stationary bicycles, like Assault air bikes.

Eliminated Excess Pounds

Other than being a low-impact exercise, bicycling is also a form of aerobics. It means that it is effective for getting rid of excess pounds. Rheumatologists agree that it is important for anyone with osteoarthritis to maintain an ideal weight to prevent the affected joints from worsening, therefore slowing down the problem’s progression.

While using a bicycle, traditional or stationary, for weight reduction, one must also go for healthy eating to facilitate results. The inclusion of anti-inflammatory foods in the everyday diet can help fend off pain and swelling. Some good examples include nuts, seeds, olive oil, and fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna. On the other hand, pro-inflammatory foods, such as sugary and deep-fried ones, have to be avoided.

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