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Hot, Sexy and Cute Anime Girls Personalities

Anime girls have been the most spell-bounding characters since we were kids. The most significant of these anime are the personality and character of the anime character. The most favourite anime of the times have been the anime girls. Eye-catching yet different from each other. Anime is often based on the comic book intervention to a cartoon one. The art of collecting the churns and bits from their personality and forming them into a character is a pure delusion and blend of Studio Art. Among the amazing and captivating anime girls, we have a list of the most fascinating anime girls.

How is Akeno Himejima Personality?

Akeno Himejima

Akeno is known because of her charming violet eyes with beautiful black long hair and lustrous ponytail that everybody is a fan of. She’s mostly seen in her half to knee length uniform. And then the next minute during her transforming time her look completely changes into a traditional Miko attire which supremely consists of red accents with white hair. Yet the interesting costume her is a devil wing and an angel wing.

Along with her beautiful contrast of look, she has a mindblowing personality when she is seen in her daily routine she is known for her elegance and etiquettes. How she carries the look of a supremely innocent girl along with a girl who isn’t afraid of a single soul on the planet. Coincidently comparing to any character Akeno resists a weak side of their heart. Who’s a girl of being dependent on love on relationships whether it be his dad his brother or his lover.

What Rias Gremory looks like an Anime girl?

Rias Gremory

The only daughter and the youngest family member has been setting fire all around. While continuing the family heir after her elder brother she also pays the duties of the vice president at her college. And off the school, she’s a fiancé.

Her beautiful long crimson hair which falls to her thighs with the combination of ethereal blue-green eyes brings a light of charm to her personality. The hair bangs fall from the sides and make her look like a dazzling princess.

When it comes to her behaviour towards the people she loves she lays in the categories of a tender-hearted girl. However, her pride and dignity have the first place in her heart. And when somebody tries to mess up with that she never misses a shot at showing her frustration directly.

Who is Erza Scarlet?

Erza Scarlet The sexy anime girl

A young girl dealing with her anger issues along with controlling everybody with her strict and straightforward rules. She’s quite impatiently edgy about the conduct of others towards her. However, she’s fairly gratified in being a member of the fairy tale society. Erza has a vigilant character which enhances her liabilities too. Opposite of being such a moody girl she’s into girly and fancy stuff. Erza is capable of spatial thriller magic and possesses great mastery of her skills.

What to know about Hinata Hyuga character?

Hinata Hyuga cute anmie girl

Hinata is the eldest daughter of Hiashi Hyuga. Her admirable personality has been eye-catching for the viewers as she is soft-spoken and has a courteous nature. Her cooperative mindset and for-bearing temperament towards the people around her makes her a friendly persona. Being sympathetic has to lead her to face hardships because of Naruto as she has been always there to protect him.

She has a fair complexion and distinguishes eyes in colour white which sets her apart from any anime girl. The dark blue hair in time-cut complements wit her skin and eyes. As the series continues her mission attire changes to a lavender one along with short navy shorts. Hinata now has long straight hair which has made her look ethereal.

How often is Tsunade has Played in anime girls?

Tsunade hot cute anime girl

Unlike any other anime girl, Tsunade has a belief in her dreams and emotions that are solely the way of capturing moments of motivation for her. But there was a loss of faith when both of her close relatives died. She falls into sarcasm after meeting Naruto. And she realises that resisting herself from dreaming is a ridiculous idea. The desire of dreaming becomes so strong that she overcomes her past fears.

Tsunade has a fair skin lady with half parted blonde hair complemented with brown eyes. During her childhood, her hairstyle is different, usually tied into a high swinging ponytail which became loose into two ponytails after a time. She also has a transformation technique that changes her outfit in no time.

An impeccable beauty, Albedo is a woman with lustrous jet-black hair and the face of a goddess. She has golden irises and vertically split pupils; on her left and right temples are two thick horns protruding crookedly, and on her waist are a pair of black angel wings.

What is Albedo’s role in anime girls?


A girl holding immaculate beauty, with radiant black hair and having a face of a goddess. She has unique irises and vertically split eyes; on her left and right temples she has two bushy horns swollen corruptly and on her waist a pair of black angel-like wings. an untainted white dress with silky gloves wrapped around her slim hands, also a golden spider web-like necklace that refuges her shoulders and chest. In combating mode she wears an inspiring black full salver shield.

She’s extremely loyal and fully in love with Ainz, thereby showcasing infatuated leanings when it comes to the topic of their affairs. She is always looking for Ainz’s affection thoroughly and feels sudden peaks of jealousy whenever she sees anyone else coming towards him.

Among all the Godparents, She is the most confident in confrontations while expressing self-opinions. She will abruptly denounce any conversation or action believed unsuitable in her eyes, triumphing the point where Ainz sometimes feels irritated.

Why watch Saeko Busujima?

Saeko Busujima cute anime girl

Highschool of the Dead has an inferior female protagonist, Saeko Busujima. She is a schoolgirl at Fujimi High School and a member of the survivor group led by Takashi Komuro and is the daughter of Master Busujima. Saeko and Takashi share mutual intimate feelings for each other. Saeko has long and shiny purple hair which complimenting her blue eyes efficiently. She mostly wears her school uniform with a single high ponytail. Along with her beautiful appearance she stands out for being kind and full of ethics in her personality. She is determined when guiding a group of people confidently.

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