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9/11 Horrific Event: HBO Produces a Documentary that helps the Kids to Understand!

The terrorist attack of 9/11 is not a past memory. It’s a history and HBO will bring a documentary on the 18th anniversary. 

The documentary will tell what was happened on September 11?  Amy Schatz is a filmmaker, and the third-grade girl told her about a playdate where she and her fellow googled was on the September 11 attacks.

Schatz said when a kid does and finds inappropriate images that are not good for kids. That’s why I’m trying to give children something that is not terrific and kind of fills in the gap.

So this would be a half an hour film that comes out on Wednesday at 6 pm. Schatz said that she s trying to create some masterpiece so that she could explain incomprehensible with the Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm. Moreover, she also said she desperate to release some flash very soon.

For the filming, she worked with the September 11 memorial museum. Two men are working there to giving remembrances to third grades. One is Stephen Kkern who was serving on the 62nd floor of the World’s Trade Center. The second one is Matthew Crawford, and his dad was serving as a firefighter who died on that day.

She finds a middle school in New Jersey where she teaches history through art and poetry. The purpose is to encourage the students to process the sentiments of what they learned.

In the film, some history was given about New York and the World Trade center that build in 1968 and one of the tallest tower of the world. Moreover, Movie talks about Osama bin Laden and his activism that started with the Soviet Union. But it does not explain and maybe no one can.

Besides all of these, Schatz also displayed some horrific images of the day, such as the plane strike the world trade building and the resultant fireball. Moreover, the downfall of each tower and the clouds of trash.

Well, she did not want to display since the kids know that planes were smashed into the buildings. So we did not create so many lingering due to images of people’s minds.

Well, we hope that this documentary will help the kids to understand this terrific event.