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5 sites to buy Instagram followers (Instant and Safe) in 2022

Instagram is all about the audience’s engagement towards your content. The more the interest, the higher you are likely to earn through it. Buying followers is a sure way to raise your page to another level. Using the best Instagram bots on the market listed on The Small
Business Blogs are also a way to propel your engagement and help you
gain more exposure. So, this article brings you five authentic sites that provide instant Instagram followers.

How safe is it to purchase Instagram followers?

Technically, it isn’t very safe to buy Instagram followers. You surely are putting your Insta page at risk. However, if you buy real Instagram followers, they won’t unfollow you. You may find the best website to buy (real and bot) Instagram followers at the end of this article.

The good part about buying them is they are a kickstart to the follower increment of your account. Users who have lesser followers have low credibility.

So, bought Instagram followers would help secure you a spot. However, there’s a brighter side to buying Instagram followers, too. Your chances of having real followers also increase.

The smart way is to buy Instagram followers and likes gradually. You may have just 10-15 posts but thousands of followers. In this case, Instagram may sense something inauthentic happening on your page. And that may put you in trouble. So, the best way up is not the highest stair but the smartest one.

How to identify the best website to buy Instagram followers?

You may look for the following about a site that sells Instagram followers.

  • The chosen website to buy real Instagram followers must have an SSL certificate. Payment options must be reputable.
  • It must gradually increase your follower count. So they look organic to Instagram and your other followers.
  • It has testimonials and real customer reviews.
  • The best site to buy Instagram followers must guarantee real (or bot) accounts. Also, these shouldn’t disappear over time.
  • Its support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful.

How to buy Instagram followers?

You may be willing to buy Instagram followers for your page. So, firstly, understand the objective of your Insta account. Then, you may take help from the points above, identify the best site. You know your budget better. So, choose accordingly. We shall also be mentioning the best five below.

After that, select a package, check the rates. Finally, make the payment. Most good sites start adding followers within 24 hours. They’ll go on increasing until the follower count reaches your chosen number. Here are some tips.

  • Keep reminding yourself that Instagram is a quick social media platform. So, serve more to the audience and increase the popularity.
  • Choose reliable vendors. They can help your account get the best follower packages. Try different websites.
  • Track everything to get the best website to buy Instagram followers. Check their metrics and feedback. Do not forget to take advantage of a free trial (if they offer).

What are the different types of Instagram followers?

Bot Followers

Bot followers aren’t real followers. They aren’t even people. A bot will instantly follow your Instagram account and show engagement. However, later, it will just be there. Since robots cannot comment or like posts, they won’t bring you amazing and impressive results.

Inactive Accounts

Buying inactive followers is also an affordable way. Here, you buy Instagram followers who no longer use their IDs. These are real people’s accounts who once used it.

However, such inactive Instagram accounts will not comment or like your posts. So, if you look for followers who also engage with your everyday posts, these aren’t for you.

Real Accounts

It is the best option. Buy real Instagram followers from secure sites and have these people engage with all your posts. They will like, comment, and even share your posts with others.

Real accounts increase the likelihood of you gathering more organic followers on your Instagram page. So, it is highly recommended. Your best website to buy Instagram followers surely sells real ones.

Top 5 sites to buy Instagram followers 

Activeig - Instagram followers is among the best websites for real Instagram followers. First of all, choose a followers package to boost your profile. Then, when you click on the desired package, enter your Instagram username. Finally, checkout using any convenient mode.

Your account will receive high-quality Instagram followers soon. You will get 100 followers at 2.99 dollars. Customers who want 1000 followers need to pay 11.99 dollars. Activeig sells 500 followers at 7.99 dollars. Get 2500 followers at 29.99 dollars.

And a whopping 50% off if you buy 5000 followers (at 39.99 dollars only). Activeig ensures followers count at unbelievably discounted rates, a high engagement rate, and excellent brand awareness.

So, you can buy up to 100,000 real Instagram followers through this safe service provider.

Wbix - Instagram followers

If you seek 100% real Instagram followers for your account, is your go-to place. This site also guarantees full money back if customers are not satisfied.

The reliability, quantity, and quality served here are excellent. Additionally, you can buy up to 1500 Instagram followers from this site at an extremely affordable rate of 65 dollars.

In addition, ensures privacy protection and never asks for passwords. Please read on how to buy Instagram followers and get your followers delivered in 1-5 days. This site is cent percent quick and secure. So, you can expect a high engagement rate on your Instagram account.

instadean - Instagram followers

Instagram users looking for reliable websites providing Instagram followers must visit When you order here, no password is required.

The site is fully secure, keeps your info private, and asks for Instagram URL. The best part is you can buy real Instagram followers from here. In addition, the super-fast service of this service provider will never keep you waiting.

Instadean guarantees refill in case of any follower drops. Your account will remain safe as they deal with real Insta accounts, which will keep following you. One can buy up to 10,000 Instagram followers at just around 139.99 dollars.

You may choose to buy 100% genuine Instagram followers. It also sells Insta comments, likes, and views. This website is secure and instant.

It supplies customer accounts with followers in no more than 24 hours. The rates are affordable, and customer ratings are excellent. So if you are planning to buy real Instagram followers, is your spot.

Apart from affordability, this site also ensures a lasting follower count. In case it drops, a refill is always provided. can be your best website to buy Instagram followers. So, what are you waiting for? Visit it yesterday!

Insta users planning to buy real Instagram followers can visit It guarantees longevity of follower count. Just open the site, select your follower package, and checkout.

The customer reviews say the rates are affordable, but we suggest you check for yourself. In addition, it is recommended you stay thorough about such sites’ performance history. will deliver your followers within 4-5 days. And just if you forget our smart follower buying tips, scroll up. Also, the sites mentioned above, namely activeig, wbix, instadean, and smmkart, are fantastic. So, you can choose your best from these five.

The bright side of buying Instagram followers

The best part about buying real Instagram followers is their instant visibility. In addition, these added followers build credibility for the brand or company.

It is also an affordable path to gathering Instagram followers and engagement. But, most of all, buying them frees your time up for several other businesses.

However, Instagram keeps noticing users’ activity and removes fake followers. So, make sure you buy real Instagram followers. In addition, you must plan to buy comments and likes to make your account look authentic.

Lastly, if you choose the wrong service provider, your Instagram account may get banned. So, from the section above, pick your best website to buy Instagram followers (safely and instantly).

In what other ways can you boost Instagram followers?

You may buy real Instagram followers from genuine sites. But, with that, here’s what all social media users can do. Uploading content every day is an excellent way.

Next, look for the most appropriate posting time. For example, some content is viewed more at night while some in the daytime. In the meantime, keep looking for how to buy Instagram followers. Upload great photos to attract the audience.

Think about unique and well-known hashtags. Contests and surveys also contribute to increasing the follower count. You may also understand the audience’s preferences.

Videos can be highly engaging, so post more moving content than still pictures (if your work permits). Finally, partnering with influencers and letting your followers know they are valuable are both worth it.

*Note: Try not to make your Instagram account too promotional, only for follower count. Your content will lose its credibility in the process. You may buy Instagram followers instead.


This article sums up everything about buying Instagram followers. You simply need to pick your one and tap on BUY NOW. Then, enjoy the real audience engagement and set your path to becoming an Instagram trendsetter.

Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.

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