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3 Famous American Women Who Altered Their Look

3 Famous American Women Who Altered Their Look: Breast Augmentation to Plastic Surgery

Whether you realize it or not, dozens of famous American female figures have undergone cosmetic alterations through plastic surgery. American Women Who Altered Their Look? From nose jobs to boob jobs, women have been taking advantage of these techniques to change their physical appearance. With some of the best plastic surgeons in New Jersey, finding a top NJ breast augmentation doctor doesn’t have too be scary. As they age or have children, women often want to attempt to reverse the effects of time. Surgery opens the door for a whole new world of physical transformation; it’s no wonder why so many famous women admit to having procedures done. Here are just 3 well-known figures who have spoken out about their experience :

Cardi B – Breast Augmentation among other procedures

Cardi B

Following the birth of her daughter in 2018, the famous rapper went in for liposuction and a breast implant. She also admits to getting injections in her bum to make herself look fuller. She is open and honest about her surgical experiences, reminding fans (or haters) that she can do whatever she wants with her body. Plastic surgery has opened the door for Cardi B. to achieve an outward appearance that would have been impossible otherwise.

Kourtney Kardashian & (a Bonus) Kylie Jenner – various procedures

Kourtney K

The Kardashians have never been too secretive with their private life. Kourtney openly admits to both a breast implant surgery and a nose job. In 2010, she opened up about it, saying that it’s no secret. Kylie, on the other hand, has not made public mention of physical alteration, but plastic surgeons have a different opinion. Some have claimed that they are almost certain she has undergone some form of liposuction and/or fat redistribution, and lip injections are almost definite, as well.


Reportedly, nearly all of the other Kardashian family members have some form of history with plastic surgery. This would be one major contributing factor to their famous appearances.

Angelina Jolie – Double Mastectomy & Reconstruction

American Women Who Altered Their Look American Women Who Altered Their Look Angelina J

In an opinion editorial she wrote for The New York Times, Jolie spoke out about her preventative breast surgery. She records her increased risk of developing breast cancer, so taking precautionary measures seemed like the right next step. During the process, she kept operations on the down-low, but now, she is sharing her story with a hope to empower other women who might struggle with stereotypes or stigmas related to plastic surgery. Jolie is another advocate for the positive results that a procedure can add to a woman’s life.


Stories like these are all over the internet. More likely than not, some of your most favorite female public figures have some experience with plastic surgery. It’s no wonder that many are speaking out to normalize the operations. Plastic surgeons are working to grow their clientele by offering women with procedures that can alter their body image and mental health. And luckily, finding a top NJ breast augmentation doctor like Dr Joseph Racanelli with a great reputation is easier than ever.