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Top Tips For Denver Plastic Surgery Patients To Follow Post Operation

Tips For Denver Plastic Surgery Patients To Follow Post Operation

Tips For Denver Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in Denver, CO is gaining popularity as procedures become more affordable and less invasive. One plastic surgeon Denver citizens frequent is Boulder Valley Plastic Surgery. Yet, there are many places for individuals to consider.


Some of the most common procedures in the area are breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and rhinoplasty, though there are many others. Regardless of the specific surgery, there are practical steps that can be taken to maximize the results and minimize any negative side-effects.


Research is an important step to take for prospective surgery candidates for both post and pre-operation. Performing adequate research beforehand can also ensure that you find the best plastic surgeon in Denver. Here, patients can find some useful tips for the days following their surgery.

Keep close to the doctor’s orders.

Post-operation, the doctor will give patients a detailed set of instructions to follow in the coming days or weeks. These should be followed down to each minor detail, leaving nothing out. If any questions arise before leaving the hospital, be sure to clarify with the nurse or doctor, and don’t be afraid to call the clinic if additional concerns arise.

Take it easy and skip strenuous exercise.

Plan to sit back and relax for the days following surgery. Participating in intense activity can slow recovery or even prohibit healing entirely. Adequate sleep and rest will lead to the quickest post-op recuperation. Consider staying away from the gym for at least two weeks following a procedure, but don’t be surprised if you need to take more than a whole month off.

Partake in at least 30 minutes of low-intensity movement.

This might seem contradictory to the previous statement, but in the days following surgery, patients should attempt to maintain some form of movement. Walking or yoga is a great option for getting the blood flowing without placing to much strain on the body. Take it day by day and slowly work up to full activity levels.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

While plastic surgery can completely alter one’s appearance, patients should not expect a miraculous transformation. Ask the doctor what one can realistically expect and try to stay away from the mirror for a while. Obsessing over appearance may lead to dissatisfaction before the procedure has completely healed and settled. With that, patients should expect significant bruising or scars following surgery, but they should call in if something seems off.

Set up for success before surgery.

Before going in for an operation, be sure to communicate with family and friends who serve as a caretaker afterward. Significant care may be required after surgery so be sure to relay that to anyone who might be helping out. An informed caretaker can also assist with medication timing and recovery tactics like changing bandages or cleaning wounds.


Create a plan for how you want to fill the time after the operation. Pick out a new TV show or find some good books to read while you begin the recovery process. Having these distractions picked out beforehand will save you from boredom once you are home.


Before surgery, talk to the doctor about how much time off work may be required. Then, be sure to talk to your workplace and boss about what the procedure for getting the specified amount of time off will be. Don’t be afraid to ask for more time off if the healing is taking longer than expected. Starting an activity too soon can delay or prohibit healing.  Use these surgery tips above all those thoughts that seem cool for the moment, but are pushing you to do something on the contrary.

Stay ahead of the pain.

Tips For Denver Plastic Surgery

Medication is prescribed with surgery for a reason. Patients should not try to wean off the pain-killers too quickly. It’s much harder to alleviate the pain after the medication wears off, so taking it consistently can ensure that comfort is maintained for as long as possible. Follow the direction on the bottle closely and pay attention to any special instructions given by the surgeon.

Eat a sufficient amount of food and drink lots of water.

Hunger levels may be low after a plastic surgery procedure. However, proper feeding can help to speed up recovery and get patients back to normal faster. Post-surgery is not the time to cut calories or start a new diet regimen. Feed the body real, wholesome food that will provide the nutrition required for the healing process.


Along with eating well, remember to drink enough water. Doctors most often recommend 8 cups, or 2 liters, of water per day, but this amount may vary depending on weight, height, activity levels, and other factors.

Check with a doctor before smoking, drinking alcohol, or using other drugs.

These activities are strongly discouraged by post-surgery. Be sure to check with a doctor before smoking, drinking, or using other non-related drugs following your procedure. Smoking, in particular, slows down the flow of blood within the body, which can lead to significantly increased healing time. One should be ready to quit smoking for at least 8 weeks following the operation. With that, be prepared to experience withdrawal if there are any habits formed around these activities.

Tips For Denver Plastic Surgery Read testimonials or articles about the specific procedure.

Don’t just take this advice. Go out and read more about the specifics of the procedure you’ll be receiving. Most clinics and doctors have websites and testimonials from past patients. These can offer added insight to help you best prepare for and recover from your surgery.


The internet is full of valuable resources that walk prospective plastic surgery patients through all the details and recuperation processes that coincide with each procedure. Don’t be afraid to call the clinic with any additional questions before committing to an appointment.


Plastic surgery in Denver will continue to grow in popularity as more clinics open and procedures become increasingly available to individuals. People considering an operation in the area can find ample information online before making any kind of decision.


While plastic surgery is a major financial and time commitment, that should not prohibit anyone from taking the steps to achieve their dreams. Following the steps above can help with the healing process and get patients on a quick route to recovery.

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