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“28 Years Later: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Trilogy of Cillian Murphy’s Horror Masterpiece”

The film serves as a continuation of the 2007 release “28 Weeks Later” and the 2002 movie “28 Days Later,” with Danny directing and Alex Garland handling the screenplay.

Next summer, get ready for the release of Danny Boyle’s “28 Years Later.” Sony Pictures has scheduled this much-anticipated film to premiere on June 20, 2025.

Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes have been confirmed as the leading cast in the upcoming follow-ups to the films “28 Days Later” and “28 Later.”

Information on the new script by Alex Garland is currently being withheld. The screenplay will be a part of a forthcoming trilogy. Nia DaCosta is potentially directing the trilogy’s second installment.

Boyle and Garland along with original producer Andrew Macdonald and Peter Rice, are on board as producers. Bernie Bellew is also taking on a producing role. While Cillian Murphy returns to serve as an executive producer, he does not have plans to star in the project at this time.

However, before we get too excited, here is what you need to understand about the eagerly anticipated “28 Years Later.”

28 Weeks Later Plot

28 Weeks Later Plot
28 Weeks Later Plot

Boyle and Garland remain tight-lipped about the plot of ” Years Later,” revealing only that the setting takes place 28 years after the events depicted in the title.

The conclusion of “28 Weeks Later,” which vividly portrays the rage virus reaching France and possibly further, suggests that the upcoming film will introduce viewers to entirely new scenarios and locations. Additionally, the narrative across the three films will be intertwined, creating a cohesive story rather than maintaining them as individual stand-alone films as seen previously.

Garland, in a conversation with The Guardian in March 2024, expressed an epiphany about developing the trilogy, describing the concept as spontaneously occurring to him.

He recently disclosed an unexpected source of inspiration for his original film: the celebrated 1969 coming-of-age film by Ken Loach, Kes. “I have recently completed and submitted a script to Danny Boyle for 28 Years Later. This comes over two decades after our project, 28 Days Later. When creating 28 Days Later, I drew heavily from the novel Day of the Triffids,” he shared with Alamo Drafthouse.

“In the screenplay I’ve provided to Danny, I’ve taken creative influence from the movie Kes. It’s quite unusual to derive inspiration from such a film for a zombie story. The narrative I’ve crafted, much like Kes, concentrates on the life of a young boy.”

Garland noted that 28 Years Later finds parallels with Kes in more nuanced ways too, particularly regarding the interplay between the landscape, humanity, and nature.

28 Years Later Cast

28 Years Later Cast
28 Years Later Cast

It’s uncertain if Cillian Murphy will reprise his role as Jim in the upcoming “28 Years Later,” though it is confirmed that the film will feature some notable actors. Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes are among the early sign-ons, though details about their characters remain undisclosed. It’s also unclear if these stars will appear across all three anticipated installments or just the initial one.

In May 2024, Jack O’Connell was added to the lineup and is reportedly set to assume a secondary position in the initial installment before elevating to a primary role in the follow-up, as per Deadline.

Like with Murphy’s role, anticipation is building around whether any characters from the earlier films “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later” will make a comeback in the new project.

28 Years Later Release Date

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has confirmed the release date for “28 Years Later” as June 20, 2025, coinciding with the 23rd anniversary of the original movie’s release. This next chapter will premiere during a competitive month, sharing the spotlight with other anticipated films such as Ana de Armas’ “Ballerina,” a John Wick spinoff, “The Black Phone 2” featuring Ethan Hawke, and the live-action adaptation of “How to Train Your Dragon.” The predecessor, “28 Days Later,” was a significant commercial hit, amassing over $84 million worldwide with an initial budget of approximately $8 million. To this day, it maintains an impressive 87% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 237 reviews.

28 Years Later trailer

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to display just yet. Production on “28 Years Later” hasn’t begun, so it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit for the initial trailer.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be a 28 Years Later film?

28 Years Later will be released in the summer of 2025, Sony Pictures said on Friday. The movie, which Boyle will direct and Alex Garland will write, is a follow-up to 28 Days Later from 2002 and 28 Weeks Later from 2007.

Will Cillian Murphy be in 28 years later?

Cillian Murphy will also return as an executive producer, but he is not officially committed to star.

Will Cillian Murphy win an Oscar?

Oppenheimer sweeps the honors, with Cillian Murphy winning best actor. Cillian Murphy became the first Irish-born recipient of the Best Actor Oscar, as Oppenheimer swept the awards.

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