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Why Is Hair Transplant Cost the Cheapest in Turkey

Celebrity hair transplant treatments are the most demanded hair restoration procedures by hair loss patients from many different countries; the main reason for Turkey’s popularity for hair transplants is the cheap treatment prices.

Turkey hair transplant

Prices are not only cheap, but also all-inclusive; medical centers arrange package deals that include accommodation, transfers, meals, medications, personal assistance, and many other services for their international patients. This cheap and inclusive uproot price in Turkey seems too good to be true to many people; however, there are some important factors allowing Turkey hair transplant to be the cheapest treatment.

One of the most important factors effective on hair transplant Turkey costs is the currency difference; hair transfer in Turkey are offered in USD, EUR, or GBP for international patients however treatment costs are made by the clinic in Turkish Lira from local service and material providers and local facilities. Another similar reason is the low labor cost in Turkey; labor cost is much cheaper in Turkey comparing to many European countries and UK.

Although it seems the low cost of uprooting mean low-quality results, the qualification level of the uproot hair specialists and the general success rate of the treatment are actually very high; the top place on the list of best hair transplants, makes the hair removes clinics in Turkey keep up to date and follow all the developments to preserve this high spot.

A patient representative of Monoplant Hair Clinic in Turkey says, “There are many international patients approaching the transplant in Turkey treatments with hesitation at first; however, this hesitation completely disappears once they arrive at the clinic. We are very happy to be able to offer the best celebrity hair transplant results to our international patients with the cheapest rates.”

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