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Why is Employee Monitoring Software So Useful?

Usually, the first thought that comes to mind when someone speaks about employee monitoring is surveillance. Employees often equate monitoring with an invasion of privacy. However, in recent years, employee monitoring has become hugely popular, and it isn’t a surprise anymore. Today, employee monitoring is primarily used to emphasize productivity at work. A while ago, employee monitoring was curtailed as it involved cameras keeping a check on the workplace and the workers. However, with the development of technology, several new and advanced methods have been adopted to incorporate sophisticated monitoring tools into day-to-day work. Today, employee monitoring is done in a bunch of different ways, such as:

Telephone tapping 

It involves the monitoring of the employees’ internet and phone conversations, such as calls or messages.

Employee monitoring software

It involves the use of computer software to track the activities of the employees during their work hours. 


It is logging the keys, that are struck on the keyboard. 

Location monitoring

It is used for workers who often switch their locations. 

Video surveillance

It involves the use of cameras to monitor the activity of the employees in a given location. 

Email monitoring

Under this, employers have the authority to check the emails of their employees. 

In today’s time, the most popular monitoring method is the use of employee monitoring software. The software is today used in several companies, and its use only grows with time. The tools will help you keep an eye on how the people are working and can also be used as a tool for analyzing and collecting crucial data. Now, let us look at a few reasons why using employee monitoring software can be beneficial. 

Benefits of employee monitoring software

Sana, an HR specialist with TopAssignmentExperts, says that though employees might be reluctant to use the employee monitoring software if used right, it can bring in a bunch of benefits. 

Increase in productivity

Following popular statistics, it was found that 64% of employees visit non-work-related sites almost every day, even while on the job. Of these people, approximately 3% spend over 10 hours every day on non-work-related sites, 21% spend 5 hours, and 29% spend 2 hours. With employee monitoring software, it will be easy for you to understand how people in your office work. The software can help employees keep a tab on their work, and see the amount of time they spend on all the tasks. It is a great way to analyze how much time they waste every day on non-work-related things. These reports can help eliminate unproductive tasks and make people more productive at work. 

Real-time monitoring

James, a manager with TrumpLearningsays that when one operates a remote team or a large team, it gets essential to have software performing real-time monitoring. Well, James is right. The software can help you get an insight into the employee’s work. You would certainly not want to pay your workers for surfing social media or watching movies. With the use of good software, it will be easy for you to analyze all of your employees’ activities, including those who work remotely. When the workers know that they are being observed, they are usually more disciplined, resulting in more exceptional results and better efficiency.  


If you use a real-time monitoring tool, you will start getting detailed and accurate reports. These reports will prove the work of your employees and work as a pivotal tool for valuable information about the progress of the workforce, tasks, resources, and budget. For people who work for the government, these reports are essential for audits. 


When you pick the right software, it will help you monitor your employees. The software tends to record the activities of the employees in the background. Then, you will get their activities in the form of timesheets. So, the team will not have to waste time filing them, and wondering how much time went into every task.  


Lastly, another significant benefit of employee monitoring software is that it gives you the ability to integrate it with other apps and tools. It can help you manage, organize, and watch the progress of every task. 

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