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When would you need an immigration lawyer?

The UK undoubtedly has a new immigration system post-Brexit, with this applying to both EU and non-EU citizens. This highlights how often immigration laws in developed economies, in line with changing social conditions and new governments.

So, if you are an immigrant or live and work in overseas countries, there may be occasions where you need to call on the services of a qualified immigration lawyer in order to plot your next move.

But what are the scenarios in which you’d need an immigration lawyer, and what questions should you keep in mind before liaising with this type of expert.

1. Immigration Laws are Constantly Changing

As we’ve already touched on, immigration laws are constantly changing, and there are numerous reasons for this status quo.

For example, geopolitical shifts (such as Brexit) may alter a country’s laws and borders, creating a scenario where the requirements facing immigrants may change. Similarly, social changes and the election of different governments may also trigger a shift in immigration laws, and it’s important to keep in touch with these as a migrant or ex-pat.

It can be hard to keep pace with these law changes, which is why you may want to liaise with immigration lawyers in London or similar cities throughout the UK.

2. You Don’t Know What Options are Available to You

In some instances, you may find yourself facing an immediate immigration problem, which creates significant stress and concern and leaves you unsure of what action to take.

Conversely, you may be a skilled worker or employee who’s looking to move abroad to work but remain completely unsure of which visa or green cards you can qualify for and which options are best suited to your circumstances.

Make no mistake; this is an immigration lawyer’s bread and butter, and they’ll be able to listen to your concerns and help you choose the best visa for you.

This way, you can resolve the issue quickly and make a swift decision in terms of how to proceed.

3. You’re an Employer Looking to Hire a Foreign-Born Worker

While Brexit may have contributed to a shortfall in foreign workers and significant skills shortage in the UK, employers nationwide continue to hire foreign-born workers from both in and out of the EU.

In this instance, you’ll need to consult the latest immigration laws and working visa requirements prior to recruiting an employee from overseas, to ensure that you comply with national legislation across the board.

Otherwise, you may fall foul of the law and face significant financial and legal sanctions, and this could cost your business sizable amounts of cash in the workplace scenario.

The Last Word

If you do need an immigration lawyer (or you think that you do), we’d also recommend asking yourself a few questions before contacting a licensed service provider.

This can help you to clarify your needs and in your own mind, while it may help you to determine whether or not you require official legal assistance. Some of the best questions include:

  • Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?
  • Do I Understand My Situation?
  • Do I Have the Time to Research my Issue or Fill in Visa forms?
  • Can I Gain a Free Consultation First?
  • Can I Find a Solicitor That Works in a Specific (and Relevant) Field?
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