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When do The Online Slots Hit the Most?

Of course, several factors affect the outcome of your slot machine game. But have you ever thought about the fact that playing time can also affect the result? Whether this assumption is valid or not, we will try to figure it out in this article before you play slot games online.

What Time of Day is the Most Profitable for Slots?

To determine when it is best to play, you need to study the winning cycle on a particular slot in the morning or the evening. Each slot has its specific cycle, which consists of two phases.

The first phase is known as the Collection. It is difficult to win during this phase as the game slot accumulates money for the second phase. The second phase is the distribution of the prize fund among the players. It is during this phase that the slot gives out the maximum number of wins.

Naturally, the owners of online slot machines in all sorts of ways hide all information about the duration of the cycle. But we know one thing for sure: the more players play in a given slot, the sooner the first phase of the process ends and the second begins. According to statistics, the most active game is observed from 20.00 to 02.00 in the evening. Of course, it is pretty challenging to determine the exact time for a successful game because each slot has its cycle. However, if you play a slot for long enough, you’ll for sure figure out its sessions and then adjust your sessions accordingly.

Daily Statistics

Another factor that will help determine the most successful time for the game is resetting daily statistics. Each slot has daily statistics, which are reset to zero every day at a certain period. As a rule, by this time, the slot is trying to complete its cycle, and therefore, an hour or two before zeroing, the slot becomes the most generous. If you can determine this zeroing time, consider yourself lucky.

What is the Most Profitable Time of the Year to Play?

Online gambling, like any other type of business, is subject to the seasonality of demand. For example, in cold seasons, people spend more time at home, and in warm seasons they prefer outdoor activities. Therefore, all online casino owners are aware that residents of the northern hemisphere play less often in the summer and somehow maintain the activity level; they tend to introduce various promotions and bonus programs. And accordingly, the closer to the cold season, the less generous the offers become; the players settle at home during the cold period and are drawn to the game without much push.

Naturally, during the holidays, online casinos also arrange thematic bonuses and promotions. But such actions are nothing more than an attempt to attract customers. So they might not be beneficial enough as compared to the ones offered in the summers.


Of course, each player decides for himself when to play in an online casino; it all depends on the availability of free time and desire. However, we believe that the best time to play is when you enjoy the game. And if you listen to our recommendations, then the game will bring you pleasure and good earnings.

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