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What are the Most Common Estate Disputes in Missouri?

An estate dispute is a process that involves many things, from a person’s death to the way their ownership shifts. With the involvement of law and terms, many people can get a lot of confusion in the United States, and the different states having different estate laws can create difficulty and confusion for the people.

One of the states is Missouri. Missouri real estate laws are often complex and can lead to numerous issues. This result puts buyers, sellers, and real estate agents at risk of litigation. Even if they follow all the laws and regulations, taking part in a real estate deal can bring them into legal action. As a result, there are joint estate disputes in Missouri.

The Estate Issues:

There are overall issues with the estate itself. Before we dive into the common dispute in Missouri, let us see some of the estate problems. These issues include tax planning, asset protection, probate and its filing fees, attorney fees, and family disharmony, amongst the difficulties of the estate itself.

Most Common Disputes in Missouri:

According to the St. Louis estate litigation attorneys at TdD Law, there are many reasons behind estate disputes in Missouri, but the following are the most common ones:

Will Dispute:

The most common kind of dispute is about wills. People may disagree with a will by claiming that it was the result of unfair pressure, fraud, or that the person who made it was not mentally capable of making the right decisions. Sometimes, there can be different versions of the will, causing confusion and arguments.

Also, disputes may take place if someone does not correctly carry out the will according to the specific legal rules stated in Missouri law. These problems can result in legal battles to set up the will’s legal status and, as a result, decide how to distribute the dead person’s assets

Inheritance Issue:

In Missouri, there are often disputes among heirs regarding the dealing out of assets left by the person who passed away. This result is a blended family estate dispute, especially in mixed families where stepchildren may argue over their share of the inheritance. Disagreements can happen when there is no clear estate plan, as heirs have different ideas on the inheritance of the assets.

Trust Issue:

Trust disputes in Missouri can happen when beneficiaries or trustees disagree on matters such as felony or failure to follow the terms of the trust. Settling these conflicts may involve looking for legal solutions to address worries as to the administration of the faith. Estate law can confuse people in many states, including Missouri. These results can lead to disagreement and issues. Issues are due to many reasons, some including fees. The disputes that commonly occur are linked to many types, like will disputes; inheritance disputes, and trust disputes.

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