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What Are the Different Rifle Calibers?

Hunting is a tradition that extends back to the origins of humanity. Archery is a viable form of hunting, but you must know the different rifle calibers to take down big games like elk, bear, and buffalo. The right rifle ammo allows the 15 million hunters in the United States to take down the largest mammals in North America and harvest the meat for your consumption.

There’s more that goes into enjoying the benefits of rifle ammo than the caliber. The brass ammo casing makes a massive difference to the shooting experience, whether target shooting or hunting.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect caliber guide to use when picking rifle ammo for hunting season. Keep reading to learn more today!

.223 Remington

Arguably the most popular rifle ammo in the United States is the .223 Remington round, also known as 5.56 NATO. This round is associated with popular firearms like the AR15, and it’s famous for high velocities and low recoil. Use this round if you’re going varmint hunting or target shooting.

It’s also an excellent round for home protection and self-defense. Light recoil and flat shooting make it easier to fire accurate groupings than other kinds of ammo. You can click the link to find more info.

.308 Winchester

.308 Winchester is another classic option when exploring different rifle calibers for hunting season. Many big-game hunters opt for this round since it packs a punch and will take down large mammals like deer, moose, and elk. If you’re looking for a big round for non-magnum firearms, you can’t go wrong with a .308 Winchester.

.30-06 Springfield

Another popular round for hunting is the .30-06 Springfield, developed initially by the U.S. Army. The design used brass ammo and enough powder to fire accurately at ranges of up to 1,000 yards. Most shooters find the recoil manageable, making it a versatile round due to the recoil-power combination.

.30-30 Winchester

The .30-30 Winchester is a great option to consider if you want to enjoy the stopping power benefits of rifle ammo without recoil that makes your shoulder numb. This round will take down a large deer at ranges up to 200 yards, making it a wonderful entry-level rifle ammo option.

Many deer hunters worldwide sing the praises of this round since it offers great accuracy and light recoil. You won’t have much success with long-range hunting using this ammo, but it’s quite powerful at shorter ranges. Some hunters have taken down bears with the .30-30 Winchester round, so it offers great versatility.

Now You Know the Different Rifle Calibers

Learning about the different rifle calibers is vital if you want the most successful hunting experience possible during your time in nature. The 5.56 NATO round is perfect for varmints and small games since it has little recoil and great accuracy. The .30-06 Springfield is another versatile option when it comes to kinds of ammo for hunting since it offers an incredible range and manageable recoil.

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