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What are Japa Mala Beads and How to Use Them?

Buddhists use mala or a Japa mala for spiritual meditation. It is a string of prayer beads commonly used in Shinto, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. The mala is used in different traditions for a spiritual practice known as Japa in Sanskrit. These malas look similar to other types of prayer beads used in other religions.

In other words, it is famous with the name of the meditation garland. Each mala contains 108 beads. These mala beads are used for the particular type of worship or meditation that is known as Japa. It means recitation. These malas are used to assist people to focus their mind on meditation and spirituality. They recite their mantras on the mala in a set of 108 repetitions.

About the Japa beads

Countless mediators use these malas to improve their focus and to be present during meditation. For different reasons, these Japa malas are easy to use, beautiful and practical. These malas form with the 108 beads. They range in colors and size as well as mala makes with or without knots. With the use of different materials, these beads form. Large, small, smooth, and textured, there is no limit to types of mala. They form with different things, from seeds to stone. In the market, you will see a wide variety of Japa mala beads for sale. These beads are available in a variety of designs and styles.

Types of the beads

There are different types of beads available in the market. And some of the essential kinds are here.

Rudraksha mala

These are the most famous types of mala beads that monks use to improve their focus and spiritual power. These seeds and the malas are incredibly sacred. Due to the influence of the seeds, it finishes the negative energy during meditation and other life practices. These are lightweight, and these Japa mala beads are available in different sizes.

Bone malas

These are great to symbolize impermanence. It reminds monks that everything is mortal, and it embraces compassion and mindfulness. It is highly familiar and in great demand. In Tibetan and Nepal, they often made with bones of oxen, water buffalo, and yaks.

Lotus seed mala

The lotus flower is one of the most demanded materials for designing males. The lotus flower contains spiritual properties, purity, and others. Therefore, monks prefer to use these beads to improve their spirituality.

How to use malas?

The majority of the monks use malas for their Japas during meditation and worship. They hold the malas in their fingers and use the thumb to roll the bead. But, most people, including men and women, use to wear these malas on their hands, wrists, and neck. There are two main objectives to wear these neck malas. Users get positive energy by wearing these garlands, and it improves spiritual powers in them. The majority of the users like to buy it on the sites where Japa mala beads for sale are available.

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