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Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy signs and precautions

Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

The twenty-third-week went with a better thought. Now, the new week is coming with feelings and plans. it is for the future of pregnancy in a safe and better manner. The twenty-fourth week of pregnancy is planning for the new vistas.

Signs in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

The new week is potential in managing new things with proper intentions. Some of the additional symbols and signs of the new week are:

1. Itchy skin

The skin is incrementing in size due to the increase in the size of the uterus. The abdominal skin is truly visible in the abdominal zone. It might be feeling like itching all the time—the issue may be high in the summer season due to high temperature. There is no way out of this as it is a natural process.

The skin will recover after the delivery time but keeping the itching all the time will damage the skin and will leave the dark lines and spots upon it. Further, the skin can improve by applying soothing lotion and oils after the bath.

2. Itchy eyes in twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

The eyes might be feeling dry and itched due to the lack of water. It is the symbol of going towards the progressive weeks of pregnancy. The itchy eyes might be leading to the watering at the end. The dryness of eyes can overcome by potential support of eye drops.

In addition, proper supply of water to the body will keep the body hydrated. The more hydrated body will be showing a positive impact on the growth of the body. This will help lead to the freshness of the eyes.

3. Colostrum production

There is mild production of whitish liquid from the breast during this week. It is due to the proper growth and shaping of the breast zone. It is the set plan of the body for the future adjustments of the pregnancy.

The liquid will not be there all the time. Its secretion might be less, but it is the symbol of normal and timely functionality of the lactation glands and hormonal setup of the female’s body at the moment. It will properly apply the settings in future time.

4. Constipation

The haemorrhoids are accountable for the promotion of the constipation issue. It will be troubling the abdominal region in some way, but you have to compromise. It is better to walk and eat well. Better solutions can work to get rid of it.

It may impact your brain, and psychological moods as stomach and digestive track issues can bother the brain. So, it would be best if you were hydrating for avoiding the trouble of constipation. The more supply of water to the body helps maintain the digestion process with proper metabolism.

5. Bratox-hicks contractions

The occasional labour pain might be bothering you, but it is also the part of pregnancy tenure. This will be for a short time. At times, you might take it as a sensation in a while. So, don’t worry about it!

It would help if you were patient with the aches and pains. They are going to be with you in the tenure of pregnancy. The exact support system desires for the promising outcome for the promotion and growth of the baby during the labour pains.

How to do better care during twenty-fourth week of pregnancy self by doctor’s help?

You can do the best care of self by maintaining the things in order. They are:

1. Diabetes test

It is essential to consult the doctor for the diabetes test. Probably screening will keep you aware of your condition. It might be possible in pregnancy that you have diabetes.

2. HB test

It is good to keep an eye on your HB level. The haemoglobin of blood is a good thing to maintain the iron level in the blood plus body.

3. Blood pressure

The blood is increasing in quantity. You know this for the last two months, so it is better to have an eye upon your blood pressure. It might be fluctuating at times. So, keep in touch with the doctor to review it.

4. Aches

It is nice to share the light and deep pains with the doctor, she may suggest you the right advice at the moment.


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