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Treating Different Areas of the Face with Fillers:

One of the biggest advantages of getting facial augmentation with dermal fillers is that they’re really versatile compounds to work with. They’re super easy to apply to different parts of the face, they’re safe and you can use them for a large variety of results. Many people miss out on dermal fillers, without even realizing just how impressive the results could have been, simply because they did not know much about it.

Hopefully, though, if enough people get talking about dermal fillers and what they’re capable of, more people will know about it and realize just how many dermal fillers can improve different aspects of their faceы. Now, when I say “improve”, it’s a really generalized term. There are tons of people out there who don’t need dermal fillers not because they have a tight and smooth face, but because they’re perfectly comfortable with the one they have. But just as many if not more people out there have something on their face that bothers them, which is why dermal fillers are so popular right now. With treatments like CLÉO clinic volume restoration, wrinkle-smoothing, and lip injections in New York becoming more popular than ever, dermatology clinics continue to treat thousands of clients and help them reach the appearance they’ve always wanted.

At the end of the day, that’s what this whole industry is about. Clinics don’t exist solely for celebrities and public figures to pay tens of thousands of dollars to look like plastic dolls (let’s be fair here: this does happen too). The beauty and cosmetics industry thrives on letting people explore their faces and overall appearance, to reach a point where they can be completely satisfied with what they see in the mirror.

And it’s for this exact reason that dermal fillers are such a major trend right now.

Restoring Volume, Restoring Youth

Looking young isn’t just about having no wrinkles or sunspots. There’s a lot more to it than that. You can’t just tighten your skin and expect to look like a younger version of yourself. Many other factors come into play when a face is young, one of which happens to be volume.

A younger face has a lot of volumes. This has nothing to do with sound, but everything to do with the form of a face. When skin is young and tight, it can easily hug the face, creating this V shape that starts from either cheekbone, runs down the cheek and jawline, meeting at the chin. When a face is young, this angle is clearly visible. And there are many other shapes and forms of the face like this one.

But as you grow old and gravity pulls at your skin, it naturally gets saggy and loses this volume. You no longer have the tightness wrapping around the forehead, cheeks, even jawline, with skin nagging off of it. With the volume gone, you can smooth out wrinkles all you want; your face is still going to look old and tired one way or another.

But with filler injections, this volume is restored and the shape of your face returns to its youthful appearance. Those attractive lines and angles come back, the nice contours and ridges that make your complexion look fresh and vigorous, even livelier. And all that with just a set of injections; no cuts, no incisions, no burning sensations and no stitches. With only a few injections, modern clinics can restore the liveliness of a face that was lost in time.


But volume is only one part of looking how you want to. There are also wrinkles, which look really good on people. Plenty of individuals, whether rich celebrities, famous movie stars, or just about anyone, can rock those wrinkles with style and grace.

Unfortunately, as stated previously, this doesn’t refer to everyone. There are still a ton of people out there who feel really uncomfortable with wrinkles. But dermal fillers make short work of them.

Treating Different Areas of the Face

By injecting a different variant of dermal fillers, one that’s more focused on dealing with wrinkles, instead of restoring volume, patients find that their skin becomes much smoother, especially to the touch. And in appearance, it looks absolutely stunning.

Let’s take for example the area around the eyes: more specifically, all around it, above, below and to its sides. The eyes are among the first things that we notice when talking to someone. They’re the most expressive parts of the face and are very physically active as well. Sure, you also move your mouth around a lot, but the eyes are particularly lively, especially with their micro-movements.

So naturally, you’ll find a lot of wrinkles there. By injecting fillers specializing in dealing with wrinkles around the eyes, they pretty much disappear, leaving behind the smooth surface you’ve been wanting for years.

Lip Filling for Delightful Results

And finally, there are lip fillers: among the most popular treatments to use the filler compound, a great for anyone looking to have a bigger set of lips. There are many treatments for increasing the size of the lips, but dermal fillers are among the most effective.

The main reason being, that they make the lips look visibly bigger, but without sacrificing their natural beauty. Many lip enlargement procedures leave the lips looking artificial, almost plastic. But with dermal fillers, the lips look fantastic and very hard to differentiate from naturally fuller ones. If you find this hard to believe, all you have to do is visit lip filler section on Skinly Aesthetics website and see the results for yourself.

But if you’re already convinced of how effective fillers can be for enlarging the lips, then you should also know about how well the fillers work, how quickly the procedures are, and how light the recovery is. Thanks to modern filler compounds being so advanced, not only is recovery very short, lasting only a couple of days, but it’s also pretty much painless, with little to no discomfort, a perfect combination for anyone looking to change their appearance to something a little different.

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