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The UK’s Step to Stop Gambling Addiction with the website

The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has been campaigning to stop recreational gambling addiction. In the past few years, especially during this pandemic season, the number of people being addicted to gambling has continued to rise. Gambling problems are not only happening in the UK but also all over the world.

However, the UK has wanted to minimize the number of people getting addicted to recreational gambling. Because of this, the website called GamStop was then introduced.  Gamstop has caused a massive response from people all over the world.  People were hyped with the idea of having a website that can offer them a reprieve from their gambling addiction. is said to be a website intended for problematic gamblers. It is a self-exclusion website that stops gamblers from accessing online casino websites in the comforts of their home. This website has been first established in April 2018. It was able to gather 50,000 people who registered in the hopes that they will be able to stop their addiction to online gambling.  It is easy to use this website. Gamblers only need to register and put their details on the website. From there, the Gamstop will then ban these players from visiting their usual online casino websites.

On a positive note, this website comes with good intentions. It gives you the idea that gamblers can take the time off from recreational gambling addiction… However, there are still some downsides to using Gamstop.

One of the cons of using Gamstop is that players can choose the duration of their self-exclusion. They can easily shorten it if they want to. Aside from that, other casino games are not banned from Gamstop which defeats the purpose of self-exclusion.  There are several casino blog sites that have reported some games that are not banned from Gamstop. Hence, tons and tons of casino players who have registered at Gamstop continue to gamble.

Since its introduction, many experts have been trying to test how effective Gamstop is. There were several tests and surveys. Experts were not happy to know about the results of the survey. It proves the point that Gamstop is not the cure that many players are looking for.  Some registered players would often make fake credentials to continue gambling on other websites other than the ones that they put in Gamstop. However, not only provides the games, restricted by Gamstop but also the bonuses. This is debatable but gamers should enjoy too.

In the end, reducing the gambling addiction would often go back to the willingness of the person to stop gambling. One must commit to stopping themselves from going back to their old gambling habits.

Many experts have given their thoughts on what they can do to help Gamstop become an effective way to stop problematic gamblers from going back to their old habits. Experts can only hope the software designers of Gamstop alongside the Gambling Commission would be able to put an end to the addiction to online casino gambling not just in the UK but all over the world.

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