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The Importance of Maintaining Your Vehicle Tyres

As a motorist, it is important that you take care of your tyre’s as these have a big impact on the car’s performance, efficiency and safety. Car tyres suffer from wear and tear as a result of constant contact with the ground, so what are the best ways to maintain your tyres and prolong their life?

Average Lifespan

First, it is important to know the average lifespan for tyres so that you know roughly when they will need to be changed. It will depend on a few factors, but typically it is recommended that tyres are changed between 20,000 and 30,000 miles.

Examining the Tyres

You should get into the habit of examining each tyre on a regular basis to look out for signs of damage. This includes cracks, splits, bulges and balding, all of which indicate that the tyre is no longer safe to use and needs replacing as soon as possible.

Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth

The other critical aspects that need to be checked regularly are the tyre pressure and tread depth. Tyres should be kept at the pressure outlined in the owner’s manual for optimal performance, so you need to check this regularly and top up if necessary (there could be an issue if the pressure falls regularly).

In terms of tread depth, the legal minimum is 1.6mm but it is generally recommended to change tyres before you reach this limit. The punishment for being below the limit is £2,500 for each tyre and three points per tyre, so you certainly do not want to risk it. You should always check the pressure and tread depth before setting off for a long drive.

The Importance of Tyre Maintenance

These are the best ways to maintain your tyres, but it is also important to know why it is so important. When you look after your tyres, you can prolong their life and save yourself from having to buy new tyres regularly. Not only this, but proper tyre maintenance can improve fuel efficiency and also ensure that the car is safe and roadworthy.

Replacing Your Tyres

If you find that you need to replace your tyres whether this is because of damage, tread depth or you are approaching 30,000 miles, you should know that this is something that you can do yourself. You can buy car tyres online and you then simply need a jack and an impact wrench to loosen tight nuts and bolts – you can find easy to follow guides for changing tyres online.

Tyre maintenance is extremely important as a motorist from performance, safety and legal standpoint. It is not too hard to maintain your vehicle tyres and change them when the time comes, which could also help you to save money too.

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